Amazon Alexa Skill Launched BluCon- Regulating Glucose Is Possible

Ambrosia Systems, acknowledged the start of its Voice app, Follow BluCon a rapid-developing medical technology company, to monitor glucose levels of diabetic’s patients around the world. The App, which is assimilated with Amazon Alexa, can be triggered by a simple Voice instruction. Ambrosia has assembled an absolute eco-system for Constant Glucose Monitoring (CGM), right from its own computerized instrument for broadcasting sensor evaluation, assembling a mobile app and now a Voice app.”We’re always expecting for new ways to make it easy for Caregivers to keep mark of the glucose levels of their loved ones,” said Piyush Gupta, chief executive officer, Ambrosia Systems. “With the new Alexa skill, we’re thrilled to offer added convenience to our users,” he said.

How it works?

Download “LinkBluCon” app from the Apple App store/ Google Play store, Launch the “LinkBluCon” app by patting on the app icon located on the phone screen, Tap on “OK”, on getting start screen, tap the switch located in the hole on the BluCon with a blunt pin to turn it on, a red light will flash for a split of a second,Light will turn off after turning on the BluCon, Press on the Scan button located near bottom of the screen. If you gets message no BluCon found, tap again on the ‘Scan’ button. Keep doing it until displays message, it’s connected and reading the data,Enter the 6 digit pass code printed on the side of the BluCon, after the serial number,6 digit pass code is printed after the serial number. Once Blucon is connected to the app, place it above the FreeStyle Libre sensor with the help of armband to see glucose readings on the phone [Sometimes it may take up to 6 minutes before you will see first reading, Glucose reading will be updated every 5 minutes

Niightrider Reusable Fits on top of the FreeStyle Libre sensor, will require an armband or tape Sends readings to mobile app every 5 minutes Replaceable battery- can be used multiple times Not waterproof

How to replace the battery of the BluCon Nightrider

Use a pin to press the switch on the side, the old battery will slip out from the side of the BluCon, Replace the old battery with the new CR 2032 battery, Remove old battery, Insert new battery as shown, BluCon is once again ready for use


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