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Who doesn’t want to look good? Before one step out of the house, the individual makes sure that they look good while they are out of the home. One might look good in wearing a fashionable dress or by just showing simplicity. A wise man once said that the first thing any unknown notices is the shoe, there is no scientific reason behind it but its true, maybe it identifies one’s character. Use Angelus Direct Coupon for the special discount.


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Shoes are one of the critical factors when you are talking about fashion. No matter how good you look if you don’t have the right pair of footwear everything goes in vain. Shoes and watches are the two things which one always look forward to purchasing it at a much more higher price so that it last longer.

One can get a standard shoe and design it by using angelus direct. Angelus direct is here to make it easier for users to get the best design for their shoes as it helps in providing paints and other kits. Angelus direct reviews on the product support the user to know more about the product which motivates them to take the right decision accordingly.

Why Angelus Direct?

Angelus direct is a unique website which helps one in getting the best design, and also one can paint their shoes. The way out of box thinking, this website is here to give the best service to its user. The users have verified the site by reviewing on it and saying about the paint that it works. It is also believed to make shoes look like a factory finished. The laces are perfect candy puff which is of high quality, inexpensive and gives a new look to the shoe.

Angelus Direct Coupon Code

The paint can be used on any leather surface and other surfaces like canvas, fabrics, mesh & more if prepared accordingly. It is to be noted that it shouldn’t be applied on the very bottom of the shoe. It utilizes a flexible, self-leveling, non-cracking formula that works on multiple surfaces.

The paint can be sticky or tacky if it’s been applied to a fake leather or the cover isn’t prepared correctly. One can also make their shoe glow in the dark paint by mixing glow in the dark pigment. The products give amazing shipping which makes it delivered within  1 to 3 business working days, and also it provides easy returns on the products. The best part is the customer service provided by them which helps the user on every step. Angelus direct coupon code helps the user to get the right product at much more less price than usual.

List of Products

The products are coming in a wide range which is proved to be beneficial and also give excellent results.  Following are the products.

The product includes starter Kit, 12 Color assortment Kit, Angelus Basic Kit, Angelus easy cleaner Kit, Angelus  Foam Tex Cleaning Kit, Premium Dirty Bred Kit, Royal 1 Custom Kit, Bred 1 Custom Kit, Leather Cleaner Kit, Sold eye Kit.

Paints include standard pain, pearlescent paint, metallic paint, neon pain, collector edition paint, glitterlites paint.

One can also look for Dye which includes Angelus Leather Dye & Angelus Suede Dye.


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