Doctor Advise Regarding Risk of Frostbite & Hypothermia

Its winter time, everybody is keeping themselves wrapped up to make sure they don’t catch a cold or any fever. But this winter places like Alaska, New York, and Washington DC has been recorded as one of the most chilled temperatures than any other states as the weather show cast says. Average temperatures range from a high of -14-degree Celsius in New York, -12 in Washington and -11 in Alaska. This temperature is likely to be more worst in upcoming days, and it might get lower till February. The temperature can vary daily between 8C and minus 20 depending on the direction of the wind.

When a place is in extreme cold condition, the body produces and pushes blood into the core to keep one’s heart and lungs warm, and this helps them to prevent from hypothermia. But there are few situations when people can develop hypothermia at a temperature above freezing when it’s raining. Due to bad weather condition, the heat might affect one badly, and one can get a severe heart attack for old aged people as cold temperature leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

People with existing heart issues can also be one of the victims in this cold. This is the time where one should have layers and layers of clothing to prevent themselves from any cold-related problems. Average body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and with the dropping of this normal temperature can lead to a lot of severe problems.

As weather forecast shows dropping of temperature, this might also lead to a primary concern which is Frostbite. Frostbite is one of the common things which happens when one body is not covered correctly while he/she is out freezing. It is just like water turning into ice in mild temperature, the same way one’s hand, toes, and fee can freeze. One can recover from frostbite if steps are taken immediately or else it might lead an infection called gangrene which occurs in dead tissue and can cause one sepsis and death. The recovery of Frostbite depends upon the injury taken place in one tissue.

To delineate and determine the extent of tissue, it might take one to three months.
The physician also says that hypothermia and frostbite can be deadly and one can lose finger, toes or limbs. When a body catches a cold and is cold there body temperature is expected to fall, and it is advised to not to soak in hot water when one gets terrible cold because it might lead to other problems.

There are few first-aid steps for frostbite which are as follows:

One can consult a doctor if one finds or thinks that they are not feeling well or if they are feeling cold even after layering up.

It is advised that one should keep on warming the area where Frostbite has occurred and made sure he does not re-expose it to the cold air which can cause worst damage.

Body exposed to the cold temperature is toes, feet so make sure to cover them properly once you are out it cold


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