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Paper-Like is a matte screen protector which is made to work correctly with the apple pencil. It has been optimized for maximum precision and control. Sure the matt takes off some of the shine of the screen, but it is 100% better than other brands. It is undoubtedly less blurry than others without any fingerprints. Don’t forget to use PaperLike Coupon Code.


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It does articulate and sense like writing or doodling on paper, a small insignificant interference, but definitely, an amendment over a glossy glass screen as much as feel is involved. It does decrease brightness and shines in the glass. Installation isn’t too hard. One has to watch the video, and you are ready.  It’s incredible how much-floating dust goes hidden until you try to install a screen protector. PaperLike reviews on the product help the user to maintain transparency in the business and motivate the user to buy the product without any hesitancy.

Why PaperLike?

PaperLike is super smooth to install and comes with no bubbles. The dazzle is much easier to deal with after having the protector installed, and also it gives extraordinary writing experience. Using the Apple Pencil, taking notes comes with a significant improvement over the smooth glass. The product shipping is reliable, and the customer service is professional and exemplary. It also gives fantastic shipping and easy returns on the product and helps the user getting the best product at much more less price by using PaperLike coupon code. It enhances writing practice tremendously, and have better control of strokes.

PaperLike Promo Code

Once the user accomplished to adhere the screen protector to the iPad‘s surface, it will help them get a soothing feel in writing. With the P\aperLike‘s coarse-grained composition, writing on it with the Apple Pencil feels like scribbling on paper. One can feel the interference of the pen when it is sliding over the surface, and can even hear the sound that reminds of a pencil writing on a  paper. PaperLike helps in giving more self-assurance over the strokes when you write or sketch with the Apple Pencil.

The product delivers on its description. It makes reading books more pleasurable. The product Highly recommended for those who are interested in drawing and writing. One huge advantage is it that it pretty much has eliminated all the excessive smudging which one would create when penciling. It makes the best digital drawing experience and when have always excelled when it comes to customer service.

List of Products   
The product is of high quality, and it makes one feel like paper. Products include Paperlike for Ipad- Twopack. It helps in doing writing, sketching and annotating feel like one does on the paper. The 9.7-inch paper is compatible to use. One get paper like the screen protector, wet & dry screen wipes, dust absorber & guide sticker kits. While tapping, swiping, typing with fingers one doesn’t feel any glare or reflection. It also helps one with instruction sheet.


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