Adplexity Mobile – Grow Your Online Business With The Best Tool

Adplexity Mobile is a tool which helps you to find a wide range of data which is related to e-commerce and affiliate marketing. It is the best tool when it comes to growing your online business.

But, Why do we need it?

When we talk about online marketing, we think the competition is vast. Well, the online market has grown immensely since the last few years, but we can’t say whether the fight is tremendous or not. In the future or within two to three years you can expect fierce competition.

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It is true that the entrepreneur is looking forward to digital marketing. Mostly, opportunities in online marketing are big. You have to know about your online business in and out to survive and do best. This is the best phase for an online marketer to hold and retain their business for long. With the rise in the digital world, has given a lot of opportunities to the businessman.


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You never know how the competition will be in the upcoming years. So, online marketers who are already there from years or a newbie, here is the best chance for you to get in-depth marketing information and the latest update.

Yes, you heard it right. Adplexity is here to serve you in updating the latest information. The tool will assist you in analyzing online markets, and keep track of what your competitors are up to. It is necessary for online marketers to know about your competitors. Adplexity ensures to get the marketing trends and behavior of the consumer; this will help you to target accurate customers.

Why Adplexity?

There might be a different tool available on the website to offer you support. But, with Adplexity you get something which brings you information from 75 countries across five different continents. So, you can decide and analyze your marketing strategy according. The tools are easy to use and are user-friendly. Also, you get detailed searches to get a successful campaign in seconds. To know what are the different tools are available can follow AdPlexity Review.

You get an option to filter the searches and look for a specific keyword. Now there are many other tools which come with Adplexity.  We will discuss Adplexity Mobile on how it helps marketers to get their work done from their mobile quickly.

What is Adplexity Mobile?

Now keep track of your competitor’s most profitable Ad campaign with Adplexity Mobile. The tool works best when it comes to initiating marketing decisions. You get comprehensive data on the profitable mobile campaign. You can analyze the marketing trend and also will get access to work on a different campaign. This will help you in the following ways.

  • By knowing the Ad Trend, you get to see how the campaign is performing and which week it profit the most.
  • Rather than testing multiple traffic sources, you get a single platform where you know from where the advertiser buys traffic.


adplexity mobile review

Let’s look at the Feature Adplexity Mobile Provides

  • You get five different networks for Popup ads data. This includes PopCash, PopAds, PropellerAds, AdCash, Zeropark.
  • Adplexity Mobile comes with Android In-App ads data StartApp, InMobi, MillennialMedia, Air push & LeadBolt.
  • You can filter your campaign search with the Keywords, Advertiser, Publisher, and Affiliate Network.
  • You can download every landing page to get easy and quick access.
  • The tool helps you to know about in-app ads which are running on thousands of Android Apps.
  • Get to know about hidden campaigns that are generating the highest traffic.

Adplexity Mobile Pricing and Plans

The tool offers two different options for you. You can either opt for monthly billing or Annual Billing. The monthly bill for the Adplexity Mobile will be $199 for a single user. If you buy it today you can get this tool at just $149.

You will get Ad data, Android in App Ads Data, Easy User Interface, and chat/ email support. The annual billing will be only $1990 for a single user. You will also get two months free with the Annual Billing.


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