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Ever Heard about Adplexity Desktop which let you analyze the trends and make your campaign easy and profitable. Well, let’s have a look at how online marketing is playing a major role in businesses.

Do you know how big online marketing is becoming? And It is expected to be huge in the upcoming years. People in business who are into traditional marketing are also looking for a way to get into online opportunities. As online marketers, you should know how you are getting traffic and who the competitors in the market are. To this, you need in-depth analysis and research.

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Now handling online business is not easy; you need to focus on your website. It will not be easy for you to work on other aspects such as competition, marketing trends, etc. You will surely need a tool which automates your process and makes your online business run smoothly.


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One of such tools is Adplexity. Known to provide a wide range of data, Adplexity ensures you have enough information regarding e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking for a way out to analyze the marketing trend and want to get relevant information about your competitors, Adplexity is the best for you. It also makes sure that you get to know about different product and store value.

How to Benefit From Adplexity?

Adplexity is the only tool in the market which boosts your Ad Word Campaign. The tool analyzes the competitors advertising campaign to check which one is on the top and which is not. You can also get knowledge from banners and Landers used by other affiliates. Adplexity monitors the hottest product from the Shopify stores to get to know more about the world of e-commerce.

Why Adplexity?

If you can get relevant information for your marketing trends from the tool, you can also sustain and grow your business quickly. Adplexity is known for increasing business activity for so many online marketers.  

The tool will collect information online from 75 different countries which will be reliable and needed for you. You get in-depth knowledge of your business and what you can do to grow your business. Adplexity makes it possible to help you with the filtering option and provide you specific search. To know more benefits of it check AdPlexity Review.

AdPlexity Desktop Coupon Code

For example, you are a newbie, and you have an online store which deals with clothing and accessories. With Adplexity, you will know about your competitor’s Ads. You can analyze the marketing process and how your competitors are running a website that keeps them on the top. In simple terms, If you want to know about consumer behavior and the profitable competitor’s campaign, you can look for Adplexity Desktop. Let us dive into one of the best marketing tools provided by Adplexity which is Adplexity Desktop.

Why Adplexity Desktop?

Not only make better marketing decision but also keep track of your competitor’s most profitable Ad campaign with Adplexity Desktop. You get a vast data on the profitable desktop campaign. No matter which level of marketer you are, if you are looking to obtain secure and efficient information, you can always go with Adplexity Desktop.


Adplexity Desktop Features

  • You get four different Popups Ap data which is PopCash, PopAds, PropellerAds, and AdCash.
  • Filter your search with the top keyword, advertiser publisher & affiliate network.
  • Keep track of the latest trend without competitive intelligence.
  • You get to see a campaign which covers every major country.
  • Adplexity Desktop will help you to find ads promoting affiliate offers.
  • You also get 15 exchanges for desktop display Ad data.

Adplexity Desktop Pricing and Plans

The price of Adplexity Desktop is same as Adplexity Mobile. If you are looking for a monthly plan, you need to pay $199.The program will help you to get all the features in one place. If you purchase it now you will get it at just $149 for a month. You also get a free trial. So, if you’re not happy with the services, you get the money back guarantee. Also, look for annual plans which will be $1990 for a single user.


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