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What do you think an electric bike looks like? Like a scooter or motorcycle? Well, an electric bike is just like a regular bicycle which comes with motor, battery and other features which makes your riding simple and comfortable. Use Story Bikes Coupons for an offer.

Most importantly electric bikes are known for their design. If you look at the electric bicycle, you will get an essential function which is known as pedal assist. With the electric bike, you get a motor which adds on extra force to them, and hence it runs smoothly once you start pedaling.


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Now it is also essential to prefer the brand who are dealing with top bicycles. This is because every electric bike survives on motor and battery. If you do not get it right, you might suffer.

To this, Story Bike ensure in offering the top and best bicycles in an industry which has been designed by the experts. You not only get the smoothness in riding but also you will get the comfort and reliability which usually you want in any bicycle.

Who needs Electric Bicycles?

  • Anybody who is traveling a lot daily will feel the need of getting electric bicycles.
  • For the hardcore cyclist, who get all their needs in one place.
  • For those who are looking for an environmentally-friendly vehicle at an affordable price

What is Story Bikes?

Story Bikes are premium electric bicycles which are designed to offer the best style and power. The brand helps you in providing bicycles which have the least impact on the environment. You get something easy to use and travel from one place to another. The craft of Story Bikes is done in such a way that it does not make you uncomfortable while riding.

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There are five different products which Story Bikes offer. The price is reasonable, and you get the best quality in the industry. You also get a comfortable and secure payment option with Story Bikes.

Features of Story Bikes

  • You get genuine leather which is designed to deliver the best look and helps you to enjoy the ride to the fullest.
  • With innovative technology, you get 36v 7 AH Samsung rechargeable battery and torque-sensing crank.
  • Story bikes come with an LCD screen which calculates the speed, distance, battery level, pedal assist level, etc.
  • Extremely lightweight which offers a perfect ratio of stability, durability, and flexibility
  • Story bikes work best for those who love to travel, and it makes sure to improve your mobility.

With the built-in charger, you get to charge your phone or tablet on your ride to work. The best part is you can easily maintain your bicycle. Once you place an order, the bicycle will be to your doorstep within 5 to 10 business working days

Story Bikes Return and Replacement

You get 14 days to try the bike, if you feel uncomfortable or if you are not satisfied with the product, you can look for money back guarantee. Also, if you receive a bicycle which has an issue with the gear or motor, look for a replacement.


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