Viral Launch Coupon Code – The Best Software For Highest Selling Amazon Products.

Viral Launch is on-the-go software where it helps to know you about your highest selling Amazon products. The software will help you with seamless integration and ensure to give results-drive features. Not only it offers the best features, but also you can look for Viral Launch coupons to get the tool at a much more less price than usual. Don’t miss the given Viral Launch Coupon Code.

Why Viral Launch?

As a marketer, how much important it is for you to know about the best selling products on Amazon? How much important it is for you to know about your competitors?

We should know that online business is growing and it is quite tricky for a newbie or existing online marketer to survive with traditional planning and strategy.  When you are selling a product on Amazon, there are many factors which have to be taken into consideration to make your brand reach on top.

To this, you will need a tool or software to take care of marketing planning and strategy. The process will save time and also ensure that you get the best research to scale up your online business.


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Which Software is the Best for Amazon Keyword Research?

Being a marketer, I do need different tools to get a way out to make sales on Amazon. Before there were a lot of tools I had which was time-consuming and also sale was not much.

Viral Launch has not only helped me in getting an audience with the best strategy, but you get all the features in one place. Let us see what different tools the software offers are and how they affect our online marketing.

viral launch

Amazon Product Research

Viral Launch ensures that it does useful research and helps to plan the best for your Amazon Product. With the research tool, you will get reliable product ideas which will help you make sell better with accurate estimation. You can also get other information related to trends, insight and more.

Amazon Competitor Tracking

It becomes hard when you see your competitors growing under the same niche as you are. To this, Amazon Competitor tracking will ensure that you get a medium to monitor your competitor strategy and apply on their brand. The competitor tracking tool will make sure that you get to learn from their strength and also make you perform better by knowing what they are going wrong.

Amazon Keyword Research

Have you ever heard about the keyword research tool, where you need to write the keyword, and the tool will ensure in providing the top ones in the market? Well, with Amazon Keyword Research you will be able to identify the most important keyword for your product with just a click. With the best keyword, you can market your product on the top.

Amazon Listing Optimization

With Amazon Listing Optimization, you can optimize your Amazon listing with a set of a keyword-rich and interactive tool. The software uses three different integrated tools to maximize your listing which include listing analyzer, Keyword Manager, and listing builder. You get more visibility on the searches, and this helps you to market that product which is on the top.

Amazon Conversion- Rate Optimization

If you want to maximize your keywords to increase ranking and conversion, you can always look for Amazon Conversion- Rate Optimization. The software will help with product visibility; it elevates your brand and increases your conversion.

There are three different packages which you get with Amazon Conversion- Rate Optimization. This includes

Brand Optimization Package – The brand optimization package will charge you $997. It will help you with content design to drive ranking and clicks and also help you with Conference Call with

Our Branding Expert – Market Optimization Package- Market Optimization package will come with the top features but not as a brand package. You will be charged $597 for the services.

Content Optimization Package – Now get the best way to optimize content with Content Optimization package. You will be charged $4967 for the package.

You can also look for Viral Launch coupon code and discount code to get all the services at a much more less price than usual. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can look for a money back guarantee.

Amazon Product Launch & SEO

Amazon Product Launch & SEO is one of my favorites as the tool becomes a platform to help in launching the product. You will get the most organic keyword ranking platform that will keep your product on the top.

Amazon Product Launch & SEO Pricing

There are three different packages you will get with Amazon Product Launch & SEO. This includes Master package which will be of $2500 per month, and you can promote up to 12 products. The Viral Subscription package will be of $450, and you can promote one of your product unlimited times for 90 days.

The Uber Launch includes one-time charge with the one-time launch, and the price will be $400. The promotion will be there for 15 days, and you advanced granular scheduling and best keyword tracking.

Amazon Advertising & PPC

If you want to drive traffic with advertising and PPC, you better go with Amazon Advertising & PPC. The best part is you will get access to all the information in one place. The tool makes sure that you get to advertise those products which are gaining the market. It will help you with ad rank tracking, suggested bids, product-targeting suggestion, and managed services.

Amazon Keyword Tracking

Well, there is a difference between Amazon Keyword Research and Amazon Keyword Tracking. The research is where you type a keyword, and the tool searches the best result for you. With the tracking, you will get to know which product or services are running the best in the industry. The tool tracks your performance and helps you to find easy opportunity in improving business.

Viral Launch Plans & Pricing

You will be getting four different services from Viral Launch. Let’s see what they are.

Beginner’s Research Kit

This is mainly for beginners who want to do specific research and get the best results out of it. The price for the monthly plan will be $59, but if you get it every year you will be charged $49.17

Pro Seller

If you want to succeed in your marketing strategy, you can always go with Pro Seller. The pricing for the pro seller will be $99 per month, but for the yearly plan, you need to pay $82.50 per month.

Brand Builder

Want to build your brand and also make it reach to millions of users?  Well then, make sure you look for Brand Builder which is affordable and offer excellent services. The pricing charges will be $149 a month, and if you are looking for yearly plans, you need to pay only $124.17.

Data Hunter

Get the best and reliable source of information to boost your marketing strategy with Data Hunter. The tool helps with unlimited services of data and analytics. The prices will be $399 a month, and if you are looking for yearly plans, you will be charged $332.50 per month.


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