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Attify store is one of the world’s leading security provider for loT, and Mobile Security. It was founded in 2013 by the team of security experts. They are professionals in different fields like Reverse Engineering, Embedded device security, Web application, including Infrastructure security.


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An Attify is the creator of top-notch popular courses. This company members have already written books based upon Learning Pentesting for Android devices. It also helps many businesses secure loT devices, Mobile applications & digital assets.  Most Recently, Attify has showcased their latest products and Learning kits at Las Vegas. This company conducts private training sessions across the globe.

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Why Attify Store?

At Attify store, You can learn about the new things simultaneously. They offer individual training sessions globally for the individuals or else through Webex. You can even customize the training courses as per your comfort and Requirement.

4-Types of Training sessions offered by Attify:

Attify store provides four types of training sessions which are enlisted below.

1) Offensive loT Exploitation.

2) Advanced Mobile security and Exploitation training.

3) SDR for Pentesters.

4) The definite guide to ARM Exploitation.

Offensive loT Exploitation:

Offensive loT exploitation teaches how to pentest loT devices.  During this training session, They are covering no of topics such as Embedded device Hacking, Firmware reverse engineering, BLE, Zigbee, and many more. In day one training, you will learn about ARM, MIPS, Firmware extraction, Fireware emulation, and debugging. Day 2 starts with UART exploitation, JTAG debugging, and Dumping flash chip contents of a device. Day 3 contains Bluetooth low energy exploitation, and  Sniffing, Attacking ZigBee devices. For every student gets Lot devices, Attify’s loT pentesting VM, Printed lab reference materials, 600+ slides PDF copy with loT exploitation learning Kit. For acquiring this offensive loT exploitation, You have to pay USD 1,999.00.

Mobile Security and Exploitation Training:

Mobile security and exploitation training cover about Security and Exploitation upon two different platforms like Android & IOS.  In this course outlet, You will learn about Android exploitation, Digging deeper in android exploitation, Runtime analysis and Exploitation, Network traffic analysis in android, How to get started with IOS security, and IOS app exploitation. The student will be provided with Attify’s mobile pentesting VM, Lab reference materials with 400+ slides. For learning this course, You have to pay $699. To save your money, without burning your pocket. You can use Attify store exclusive coupon code to grab astonishing discounts.

SDR for Pentesters:

SDR for Pentesters coves the foundations of software-defined Radio by analyzing radio signals & Radio reversing. You will also learn about Spectrum, Gain, Controls, GQRX for identifying radio signals, Replay based attacks, Working with GNUradio, GHNRadio Pybombs including OOTs. This SDR kit comes HackRF one, Ant500 antenna, and ANT500 antenna. You have to pay $849 for SDR for pentesters.

The Definite guide to ARM exploitation:

ARM is one of the top processor architecture in the world. This ARM is assembled in healthcare appliances or Smartphones. Mainly it must identify vulnerabilities in ARM binaries. It is required skill sets that are needed for any penetration tester. This training course comes with HD videos, slides, and Slack discussion. You have to pay USD 419.00 for a definite guide to ARM exploitation.

14 Different types of loT Hacking Tools:

These loT hacking tools were classified into 14 classes.

1) loT Exploitation Learning Kit.

2) Attify badge.

3) JTAG Security and exploitation Learning Kit.

4) BLE exploitation for learning kit.

5) HackRF one for software-defined Radio.

6) Ubertooth One.

7) Chameleon Mini RevG.

8) APIMote.

9) MoRFeus.

10) The definite guide to ARM exploitation.

11) Opticspy.

12) ANT500 – Antenna.

13) WHID.

14) Ubertooth Case.

Pricing for loT Hacking Tools:

You have to pay $1,097.00 for loT exploitation learning kit, $43.99 for Attify Badge, $359 for JTAG Security and exploitation learning kit, $399 for BLE exploitation for loT learning kit, $299 for hackRF one for software-defined Radio, $149.99 for APImote, $199 for Morfeus, $43.99 for the definite guide to ARM exploitation, $ANT500 – Antenna, $25 for WHID & $20 for Ubertooth case.


Attify store provides various learning kits, and Gears for practical & Security Assessments. All products are shipped from silicon valley across the globe.  This company delivers free loT security training’s direct to your inbox. They have created six parts of loT security, which helps individuals to get started with firmware reversing, SDR, Embedded device hacking, and BLE


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