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Edgewonk is one of the top-most trading journals for all markets, including all types of traders. It is a trading journal which turns many traders into professionals.  It’s a trading tool which correctly finds your edge. Edgewonk has been developed to improve your overall trading performances. Many professional traders have strived to developed edgewonk with all their experiences. They help individuals to take trading to their next level of performance. It works upon Stocks, Futures, Forex, spread betting, Crypto, and CFD trading. Edgewonk also offers a trader development course that helps traders to become a trading professional. This optimized trading management gives better decisions while trading.


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Why Trading Journal?

A trading journal is a fantastic tool for entering your trading data. It is capable of analyzing the performance & behavior that gives tips to improve the trading results. It’s a necessary tool for a trading journal. It holds accountable that provides a proper structure to your routine for the daily trading. A lot of traders struggles to understand how it might works; at last, they are not successful. Only the professional trader comes to know the importance of this tool, which upscales for development. Edgewonk trading journal helps traders to develop more discipline with their instant-feedback tools. You can even optimize trading management by taking better decisions while trading. It’s perfect stop placement which avoids hunting, and stop runs. You can improve Trade exists for a higher win rate. Just customize the journal according to your strategies, Methods, and Markets.

How to Become a Profitable Trader?

For becoming a profitable trader, Everyone must follow these three steps.

1) Enter Your traders.

2) Analyze your trading data.

3) Make Targeted adjustments.

You can even take a trader development course at edgewonk. We knew trading could be a lonely journey sometimes. So at edgewonk, they have developed a program that provides a step-by-step trading solution which takes you to the next level. Every individual should know how to identify, understand by overcoming our trading problems, Know about a professional trading routine which matches your personal goals & Lifestyle, and Learn at your own comfortable pace to get feedback. When you make any purchase at Edgewonk, You can use Edgewonk coupon code to get a discount.


Features of Edgewonk:

Edgewonk is also a trader development suite. It has been used all across the world. They provide unique insights into your trading. This company knows how to make an impact on trading. Each trader is different from one another. Edgewonk allows you are customizing your trading journal.

Features of Edgewonk which Turns Anyone into Professional:

1) Interactive Equity Graph.

2) Trade entry Wizard.

3) Holding Time Analysis.

4) Trade Management Evaluation.

5) Stop & Profit metrics.

6) Analyze your setups.

7) Save trade screenshots.

8) Session analyzer.

9) Custom Statistics.

10) Works on all markets.


Edgewonk trading program plans consists of three program plans such as Edgewonk trading journal 2.0, Trading journal development program, and Trader development program. If you choose edgewonk trading journal 2.0, You have to pay $169.00, $197.00  for Trading journal development program, and $79.00 for Trading development program.


Edgewonk is a perfect tool for professional traders. It is pre-loaded with some of the stunning features that improve your performance faster. This company also provides a trading course for the individuals so you can learn how to analyze, Trade, and win like a professional trader. Finally, You can learn about stop making unnecessary mistakes,  Structuring your trading routine, and Planning for your future trading career.


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