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Progurt is the most advanced probiotic which optimizes your gut P.H. It is capable of Rehydrating, Remineralise by restoring your microbiota bacteria. This company mission is to provide premium-quality most advanced probiotic health supplements at reasonable rates for the individuals. They won’t compromise upon quality, Ingredients, delivery speed, and Functionality. Progurt leads your journey to gut the best range of innovative supplements. You have to consider health is one of the greatest gifts for everyone. At progurt, You can find different type of products such as Probiotic sachets, Probiotic, Chloride, Incubator, Kits & Packs. It is widely known as one of advanced prebiotic, P.H. caps with an incubator.


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Features of Probiotic Sachet:

The human gut contains 100 trillion microorganisms. It protects you against harmful viruses by eliminating waste. The neurotransmitters found in Brain. Serotonin includes 80% of the immune system. This Progurt probiotic is 100% natural, which is designed to aid digestive health. Every Progurt sachet is water-soluble. It may contain multiple human probiotic isolates. These treated as one of the most potent probiotic ever. Every Progurt probiotic sachet is equal to 40 capsules. You may know lactic acid bacteria made of high quality & fast colonizing probiotic sources.


Types of Strains:

Eight different types of strains enlisted below.
1) Missing strains.
2) Colonizing Strains.
3) Upper and Lower Gut Strains.
4) Fragile strains.
5) Synergistic Strains.
6) Migrating strains to E.N.T.
7) Replicating Strains.
8) At birth strains.

Gut Care:

Gut care products consist of P.H. Caps, Chloride, Probiotic sachets, Prebiotic, and Incubator. The Progurt formulates probiotic Sachets which are amazing digestive health supplements. These gutsmartkits contains probiotics, Prebiotics, and Mineral supplements that work systematically to aid digestive health.

You have to pay $59 for Chloride, $59 for prebiotic, $99 for immune protein & enzymes, $79 for incubator, $10 for incubator tab, $249 for Gutsmart light, $439 for Gutsmart, $489 for gutsmart pro, $149 for Gutsmart travel light, $439 for gutsmart travel, $739 for Gutsmart Family, and $1,149 for Gutsmart perform.


Probiotics are the most advanced probiotic which restores the microbiome. Everybody is born with digestive aid health that re-balance gut flora. You can shop for eight various types of probiotics, such as:
1) Probiotic five pack.
2) Probiotic Ten Pack.
3) Probiotic Fifteen Pack.
4) Probiotic thirty pack.
5) Probiotic sixty pack.
6) Probiotic 90 pack.
7) Probiotic 120 pack.

You have to pay $99 for probiotic 5 pack, $195 for probiotic 10 pack, $290 for probiotic 15 pack, $380 for probiotic 20 pack, $ 550 for probiotic 30 pack, $990 for Probiotic 60 pack, $1,450 for probiotic 90 pack, and $1,900 for probiotic 120 pack. By using probiotic coupon code, You can get a discount while purchasing.

Kits & Packs:

These gut smart kits were perfect for healthier digestion. It formulated for all types of gut types that aid your digestion by re-balancing gut-flora. There is a unique blend which effectively re-balances and restores without disturbing your tummy bacteria.

This kit consists of seven types of products.

1) Gutsmart Light.
2) Gutsmart.
3) Gutsmart Pro.
4) Gutsmart Travel Light.
5) Gutsmart Travel.
6) Gutsmart Family.
7) Gutsmart perform.

For Gutsmart light, You have to pay $249, $439 for Gutsmart,$489 for Gutsmart pro, $149 for Gutsmart Travel Light, $439 for Gutsmart Travel, $739 for Gutsmart Family, and $1,149 for Gutsmart perform.


Progurt is world’s most advanced probiotic sachets. There are 1 trillion C.F.C. probiotic human probiotic isolates. Progurt probiotic sachets are 100% natural. They are free from G.M.O.’s, Fillers, and Additives. You can even use these probiotic while traveling. Almost 20% to 50% of international travelers are prone to travel sickness annually. The Progurt probiotic sachets provide a convenient probiotic source. All ingredients were Non- Synthetic.


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