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A smartproxy is a server that acts as a gateway between two different types of networks. There are dozens of proxy types over the internet. You can even change your IP address by protecting your identity. All these proxies make up our websites, online services, and other networks. Most of the people out there get to use proxies to hide their IP addresses. 


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Do you know? People use proxies to avoid geo-restrictions, protect privacy by increasing security, Avoids firewalls, Automate online processes, and gather multiple information through different sorts of accounts. Don’t forget to apply the smartproxy coupon code to get off on your purchase.

Why Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a rotating residential proxy network that uses high-quality proxies that avoid location-based restrictions by improving the performance of your automation software and crawlers. Only the rotating proxies are capable of switching between the new proxy without any effort. A user can access proxies in the chosen locations over 195+ locations. All proxies in our pool are anonymous. 

Protect Your Identity With Proxies

How Smartproxy Work?

A user can send a request to the proxy server. The proxy server automatically changes IP by transforming it into an anonymous connection. They are even providing rotating proxies that allow you to use a different exit node. All the residential proxies will be routed through the real desktop and mobile devices. A proprietary algorithm encrypts the HTTPs sessions protocol. All these proxies are 100% safe. Smartproxy works on four simple steps. An individual should register, choose a plan, buy and access to 10M + IPs. 

Types of Smartproxy

  • Residential proxies
  • Datacenter proxies
  • Rotating proxies
  • Backconnect proxies
  • Unlimited proxies 
  • Anonymous proxies 
  • Social media proxies

Residential Proxies 

Residential proxies are the best proxies ever. Most of the individuals out there use residential proxies for gaining access to data quickly. It also allows clients to avoid geographic restrictions. These are some of the manipulative techniques some of the sites mostly use for providing false data.

Datacenter Proxies

All the non-physical IP addresses artificially created at the datacenter. Initially, a single server can be lost hundreds of datacenter proxies. The advantage of using datacenter proxies is it won’t compromise upon their speed. 

Unlimited Proxies

You can use this proxy network without limits. Already 10million IPs were available. All the proxies checked every minute. Both the residential and datacenter proxies have back connected nodes for unlimited connections.  

Anonymous Proxies

As the name itself indicates that anonymous proxies. These are capable of hiding IP and locations instantly. It is a proxy type that is most reliably. Use the smartproxy discount code to get off. 

Social Proxies

Social proxies classified into four different types like Instagram proxies, twitter proxies, Reddit proxies, including facebook proxies. By using these social proxies, you can get access to unlimited connections and threads. They are using automation software that can change your location without any restrictions.

Smartproxy Plans

Smartproxy proxy is offering four different sorts of programs. For the micro project, you need to pay $75, 200$ for a starter plan, $400 for the regular plan, and $600 for advanced method. The gigabyte differs from one plan to another.


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