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Have you ever thought why different types of allergies were continuously showing effects upon human species? It’s our time for upgrading to the most efficient kits, which were popularly known as the allergy kit. There is a culmination of continuous research since 2002 and created a straightforward, practical way of treating allergies at home. The allergy kit is an alternative to NAET.


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Dr.Ynge has formulated the kits which contain a red cold laser. This laser treatment can handle and balances the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen. By owing these kits, it allows individuals to eliminate all kinds of allergies that let you take complete control of your health and teach your body to respond in a healthier way of stressors. Use the allergy kit coupon code to get instant off on your purchase.

Natural Allergy Treatment At Home

NAET Vs. Allergy Kit

“NAET” means Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. This is the widely used popular treatment protocol by practitioners across the globe. But, DR. Nambudripad has trained thousands of practitioners who are entirely becoming experts in this field. All the underlying food allergies are treated first in a specific order. Just keep in mind that you can treat only treat one allergen at a time. During sometimes, treatments have to be administered multiple times to clear a specific allergen.  

Each session of the treatment takes 20 to 25 minutes, usually. After the completion, you must abstain from the food that has been treated. On the other hand, the allergy kit consists of 7 vials that treat hundreds of allergens. It is quicker than NAET, and it takes time less than 15 minutes to finish the treatment. This is the 1st allergy home treatment that allows you to eliminate allergies and their symptoms.  

5 Types Of Allergy Kits

  1. The Allergy Kit
  2. The Austin Allergy Kit
  3. The Emotion Kit
  4. The Environmental Allergy Kit
  5. The Weight Loss Kit

The allergy kit treats the most common allergies regarding food, toxins, and vaccines. It is a kit that comes with a 635nm healing laser which emits light-emitting semiconductor chips drives low voltage power supply with a wavelength of 635nm. This is considered as the perfect wavelength for healthy living cells that stimulates acupuncture points. Apply the allergy kit discount code to get off. 

Pricing Of The Allergy Kits

If you are willing to own any allergy kits that are suitable for according to your requirements, then all these five varieties of kits are designed. You need to pay $259 for allergy kit, 399$ for the austism allergy kit, 199$ for the emotion kit, 399$ for the environment kit, and $289 for the weight loss kit.


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