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Across the globe, everyone looks forward to taking control of their fitness levels. But what’s the central aspect is there must be a functional fitness product that helps individuals to take complete control of their bodies. Are you looking for fitness products and accessories, then to Hi-Lyte is the best pick. Already this company has helped more than 40,000 people across 70 countries. The materials used for manufacturing primate products were premium. Don’t forget to apply the primate co coupons to get off on your purchase.


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 It takes three business days via USPA and 5-11 business days for Globegistics. At primate co, You can buy different types of fitness products such as Rings, Yoga wheels, Speed rope, Primate posture brace, premium gym rings, Yoga wheelset, Core sliders, Primate speed rope, Primate slackline kit, Yoga legging, Hats, and Bracelets.

Why Choose a Brace?

Most of the individuals out there choose primate posture brace. They offer the ultimate solution to slouch related problems. It is designed to correct your posture by retracting your scapula and aligning your body. The posture brace is tested to prevent head posture and slouching.

One-Stop Store For Yoga Accessories

Benefits of Using Brace

  1. It brings proper alignment to your Spine
  2. You can breathe better
  3. Flows more blood
  4. Stop Back pain
  5. Instantly Increases energy levels
  6. Look slimmer and taller
  7. Helps your nervous system function


Therapy Gun

A therapy gun is a percussion massage device that is primarily used to treat sore muscles and relax stiff ones. This is the best silent therapy gun that uses super-quiet vibration technology. It comes with several key features. They are light in weight, Include four attachments, RPMs changes from 1600-3200, Made with high torque, and the high-quality lithium-ion battery takes up to 3 hours.

Premium Yoga Wheel Set

Premium yoga wheel can be strategically placed at home. Anyone can easily roll around while performing different types of workouts. This is a yoga wheel that is circular shaped. The prop helps to open the front side of the side body and assists in advanced yoga postures too. They can massage your Spine, Open the front side body, Assist in deep backbends, Aid in flexibility, and Strengthen your balance.

Gym Sets

Primate co is selling the premium gym rings at the most affordable rates. These gym sets come with certain key features like thick straps, Measured straps with 15ft length. You need to pay $49.99 for premium gym rings. Apply the primate co discount code to get off.

Primate Slackline Kit

Primate slackline kit is a perfect kit for the outdoor enthusiast. It is a carrying bag that comes is portable to set up anywhere. They are using the latest ratchet technology. Various items included in these kits such as 50 feet webbing slackline, Ratchet, and Tree protector. They can even burn calories and improves focus.

Pricing of Primate Co

Primate co products specially designed to support your bodyweight-training. For these products, you need to pay $29.99 for a posture brace, $249 for a Therapy gun, $49.99 for the premium yoga wheelset, $49.99 for premium gym rings, $29.99 for Speed rope $19.95 for core sliders and $49.99 for Slackline kit.


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