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ScopeLeads is a unique platform for generating high-quality lists of prospects. They are experts in reaching out the personalized cold emails within seconds. It’s the only tool that shows your entire sales process within few clicks. The central aspect is to find the hot leads effortlessly.


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Many of us were already tired of building prospecting on excel because they are quite slow. By using Scopeleads, you can get instant results with all the leads data. Individuals can even run website audits, and they should be able to send a personalized batch of emails from the SMTP server. Don’t forget to apply the Scopeleads coupons to get off.

How Can You Use ScopeLeads to Land Podcast?

Many of the individuals out there love to hear the podcast, especially in the software industry. We can use our products to sell. In each episode, they provide tops tips for cold emailing, Effective ways to reach a CEO, and Gives free advice to salespeople.

The Best Software For Digital Marketers

What’s Unique About Cold Email Guide By Mixbloom?

Mixbloom has listed ten cold Email best practices with email tools for the readers to know their email process. Some of the best practices include

  • Contact the correct person          
  • Don’t send the same Email to everyone out there
  • You have to write an impressive subject line
  • Showcase your personality
  • Finish off with Call to action
  • Just make your Email different from rest
  • Follow up everything
  • Keep monitoring your day-to-day performance

Some of the recommended tools include, Neverbounce, Contactout, Voila Norbert, Findthatlead, boomerang,, Mailshake,, Mailshake,, HubSpot CRM, Followupthen, and Rebump. 

Features of ScopeLeads

  • Find relevant content, create unlimited lists, leads, and keywords
  • Digital marketer can use filters to sort-out any lacking in the marketing field
  • Set Auto-mode for Auto results
  • Test your emails before you send them
  • Built-in spam score
  • Schedule messages to throw in the future
  • Differentiate between single and bulk sending profiles
  • Complimentary email setup 
  • Track your Sales

Pricing of ScopeLeads 

ScopeLeads are offering three different types of plans. By upgrading to the plans, One can run unlimited searches, unlimited leads, Sending bulk Email, and Followup drip sequences. For the lite version plan, you need to pay $67 per month, $99 for the pro plan, and $199 for the Agency plan. Apply the Scopeleads discount code to get instant off on your purchase.


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