World Sight Day 2018 – Government Funding for Eye Drug Is Benefiting

World Sight Day on 11 October is an annual day of alertness to focus overall interest on blindness and vision deficiency. This World Sight Day [...]

Polio-Like Bug in Minnesota – Six Children Diagnosed With AFM

Six children in Minnesota have been detected with an exceptional “polio-like” bug since mid-September, state health officials said, all the latest cases were in kids [...]

Healthy Diet In Fruits And Vegetables Can Benefit Bipolar Disorders Treatment

Bipolar disorder is an illness that creates intense fluctuation in mood amongst other indicators. A person with bipolar disorder will substitute between periods of maniac [...]

The Best Nutrients For Treating Cancer – Things To Know

Cancer can start when genetic changes intrude with methodical process. The result is a growth called a tumor. Benign tumors are confined growths as they [...]

Alzheimer’s Can Be Predicted Five Years in Advance -Artificial Intelligence

“At this stage, there are diminished ways to act towards Alzheimer’s and the best evidence we have is for prevention. Our AI methodology could have [...]

Swine Flu Confirmed In Bengaluru – 46 Recent Cases Of H1N1

Health department officials on Saturday alerted citizens about the current hike in the figure of H1N1, or swine flu, cases, in Bangalore. 46 recent cases [...]

Measles Rubella Treatment in Lucknow- Vaccination Campaign

The commencement of Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign came after the national monitoring team managed by Dr. Debashish Roy, WHO India, Announced to start the immunization [...]

Know The Difference Between E- Cigarettes & Cigarettes

E-cigarettes do not light tobacco. Instead, they have cartridges jammed with nicotine and other chemicals. The liquid chemicals turn into a vapor or steam that [...]

Hectic Lifestyle & Long Work Schedules Reasons For Unhealthy Lifestyle

‘Junk food’ ingestion in India a developing concern in rural areas, research declares. Nevertheless, data on junk food intake in rural areas has been inadequate. [...]

Cancer In India is “Grave”, Says Government – MVR CANCON 2018

“Kerala has roughly 35,000 new cancer cases every year, based on the cancer registry data. There are 913 male and 974 female cancer patients per [...]