World’s first Hydrogen Train Launched In Germany

The Coradia iLint is a version of the Coradia Lint 54 powere d by a hydrogen fuel cell. Announced at InnoTrans 2016, the new model is the world’s first production hydrogen-powered train set. The Coradia iLint successfully has the power to reach 140 kilometres per hour (87 mph) and travel 600–800 kilometres on a full tank of hydrogen. It is assembled at Alstom’s Salzgitter plant. It began its rolling tests at 80km/h in March 2017.In September 2018, the first Coradia iLint entered service on the Buxtehude- Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven line in Lower Saxony

The Alstom Coradia LINT is a single-unit or two-unit articulated railcar manufactured by Alstom, offered in diesel and hydrogen models. It was designed by Linke-Hofmann-Busch and has been distributed as part of Alstom’s Coradia family. “This is a revolution for Alstom and for the future of mobility,exemplifies successful cross-border cooperation”,Said the chairman and CEO of Alstom, Henri Poupart-Lafarge. the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) said in a statement that the text “pays insufficient attention”

“Green hydrogen offers significant potential for the decarburization of the European economy. The Commission warmly welcomes the Hydrogen Initiative as it will further harness the innovative drive across the EU,” said the European Commission’s climate chief, Miguel Arias Canete. Although the so-called Hydrogen Initiative is non-binding, it has already been signed by 25 EU countries, calling on governments to increase research efforts, particularly into storing hydrogen, which is a problematic issue for the fuel source.

“ Buying a hydrogen train is somewhat more expensive than a diesel train, but it is cheaper to run,” Said Stefan Schrank, the project’s manager at Alstom . Other countries are also looking into hydrogen trains, Alstom said, including Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Canada. In France, the government has already said it wants the first hydrogen train to be on the rails by 2022.


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