Facebook Unveils Smart Speaker for Messenger video calls with Alexa

The first is the Portal proper, which features 10-inch screen with a 1280 x 800-pixel display resolution, which is alike to a 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The larger-screen alternative called the Facebook Portal Plus. This has a much bigger 15-inch screen with a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display. The two devices come with built-in speakers and webcams, and can stand upright or horizontally on a surface. Whether you’re moving around the kitchen or chasing the kids through the living room, Portal’s Smart Camera adjusts to follow the action. As more people enter a room, Smart Camera automatically widens to keep everyone in the frame.

We designed Portal with industry leading processing capabilities and Portal makes it easier to connect more regularly with the most important people in your life. Smart Camera features 12MP Resolution 8x Zoom 140 Field of View automatically widens to keep everyone in view as it uses AI technology that runs locally on Portal, not on Facebook servers. Portal’s camera does not use facial recognition and does not identify who you are, disable the camera and microphone with a single tap, or block the camera lens with the camera cover provided. Portal only sends voice commands to Facebook servers after you say, “Hey Portal.”

Delete the Portal’s voice history in your Facebook Activity Log whenever you want. Facebook doesn’t listen to, view or keep the details of your Portal video calls  like other voice-aided devices, Portal listens for the wake phrase (“Hey Portal”) and, once detected, routine your voice command. Portal has Alexa built-in, so you can ask a question, set a timer, add items to your shopping list, and control your smart home and more. When you’re not on a call, Portal can display your Facebook photos and videos. Portal you can use your voice to start a call, control device settings like volume, and more.

Also see when your closest contacts are available to connect, and get birthday reminders. Portal plays your favorite music, and powerful speakers will fill your room with rich, hi-fi sound 2 Full-Range Drivers 10w Rich Sound. There’s also some classic “Smart Sound” technology that promises to minimize background noise


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