World Sight Day 2018 – Government Funding for Eye Drug Is Benefiting

World Sight Day on 11 October is an annual day of alertness to focus overall interest on blindness and vision deficiency. This World Sight Day the Blind Foundation cautions New Zealanders why daily eye checks are necessary The Blind Foundation motivates folks to get their eyes inspected, even if an eye condition has already been detected. Funds for action plan on macular disease. The New Zealand Government funding for the development of a national action plan to better support patients with macular disease, the leading cause of vision loss among olders has decreased wait times and the cost of treatment, an eye specialist says. This year the theme is ‘eye care everywhere’

Early evidence of vision damage from AMD includes vague distance in your vision or unusually blurred or crooked vision. Someone with macular degeneration may see some of the lines as crimped or fuzzy, with some dark areas at the midway. Macular degeneration symptoms usually occur instantly and without pain. They may include: Visual alterations, such as straight lines appearing curved, shadowy areas in your basic eyesight or unusually fuzzy or distorted vision.  An Amsler grid comprise of straight lines, with a dot in the center .These drugs are considered the first line treatment for all stages of wet macular degeneration

 Age-Linked Eye bug Study has helped narrows on the best combination of ingredients for AMD. Lutein and zeaxanthin may support in people with low macular stain frequency. The antioxidant vitamins in fruits and vegetables contribute to eye health; make sure you choose a healthy diet. Kale, spinach, broccoli, peas, which may benefit people with macular degeneration, Sustain a athletic weight, Eat a protien diet that includes green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruit, fish and whole grains Don’t smoke, Sustain normal blood pressure and control other medical conditions and Exercise regularly ,Macular degeneration is the leading cause of severe constant vision loss in people over age 60.  The number one risk factor is age, Smoking increases a person’s chances of developing AMD by two to five fold, Family History of AMD, Gender, Race, Prolonged Sun Exposure, Diet, Obesity.


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