Best Dog Toy Subscription Boxes

Ever heard about Dog Toy Subscription boxes?  Well, it is usual that your dog needs a companion to pass their time. There might be instances when you’re not at home, or you’re busy with your work. At times like this, we shouldn’t be selfish.  The best thing we can do is surprise them with the sturdy chewer toy which is unbreakable and an incredible way that helps your dog to pass their time.

When you have nobody, or you’re living alone, dogs are the best partner. You will end up getting more love from them. Now when you are busy, you hardly care about your dog. You think just giving them food on time will be enough for them to survive. But they will always look for a partner to get going. 

What is Dog Toy Subscription Box?

It is a package where your dog gets fun toys, treats, and goodies every month. Surprise your dog and give them goodies every month with the boxes. Some dogs are aggressive chewers. You would’ve seen them chewing all the toys they get. 

Where do I get the Boxes?

You can get the boxes online. There are few online stores which have been designed to take great care for your dog. Let’s discuss which stores offer best goodies with an affordable price.

Best Subscription Boxes available in the Market

All the stores are trustworthy and a brand you can rely on. We will list out the points on why these stores provide the best. If you’re thinking to make your money worth spending on dog toys, have a look.


Bark Box offers a wide variety of boxes which depends on the age of your dog. You just need to inform them of the age and breed. Rest all will be taken care of by Bark Box.

Key features

  • You get different sizes for the box for your dog which can be extra-small, small, medium or large.
  • The entire treat your dog gets is natural and good for health.
  • You get reliable delivery option and returns for the boxes.

Pricing & Plan

The pricing differs according to the box and the subscription plan. There are three different plans which are the monthly basis, 6-month subscription, and 12-month subscription. Let’s go through different boxes with the pricing option.

Regular boxes

The regular boxes will have five to six different products. You will get two innovative toys, two natural bags of treat and a chewable surprise.

  • For one month plan, you will be charged $29.
  • You will be charged $25 per month for a half-yearly subscription plan.
  • $22 per month for a yearly subscription.

Super Chewer Box

Super chewer box offers 100% guarantee on their product for not being strong enough. So, if you find your dog an aggressive chewer, look for this box. You will get two tough free toys, two treat bags, and two meaty chews.

  • For month to month plan you will be charged $39 for one box.
  • For a 6 month plan, it will be $34.
  • For 12 month, you will be charged $29.


Bullymake Boxes provide rough and tough toys that are durable. Your dog will get long-lasting chew toys that are durable and powerful. All the toys are been designed in the USA. Also, you can look for 14 days of durability and satisfaction guarantee. The box comes with 5 to 6 premium items where you get three different toys and three different treats. If your dog is allergic to the gifts, the store will help you with the five to six different toys.

Key Features

  • Easy delivery options
  • Powerful & durable toys
  • Every month your dog will get a surprise

Pricing and Plans

  • The monthly plan will be charged around $39 for one box.
  • For three months, you will be charged $36 monthly.
  • For six month plan, you can get the boxes at just $34 a month.
  • The yearly plan will be $31 per month.


If you are looking for subscription boxes at a reasonable price; Pet Treater is the best for you. It never fails to surprise your dog with the best goodies. All the treats and toys are made in the USA or Canada.

Key Features

  • Easy refunds and replacement for damaged products
  • Surprise your dog every month
  • Easy cancellation of the plans

Pricing and Plans

  • You will be getting three to four selected items. This includes treats, toys, and goodies. The price of the plan will be $15 per month.
  • If you wish to buy only treats or only toys for your dog. You can do that as well with Pet Treater.


The best part of the Pup Joy is the customization option. The store delivers treats and toys according to your expectation. If you want to get a sturdy chewer toy, good food for multiple dogs, Pup Joy is the best for you. There will be a charge of $5 for Dog box for Canada.

Key Features

  • Free shipping to all U.S location and Rico
  • Service guarantee on all the boxes
  • Unique artisan-quality dog toys
  • Healthy and natural chews

Pricing and Plans

  • The pricing will depend on your subscription plan. If you are looking for monthly boxes, the price would be $29.
  • For the three-month renewal plan, you will be charged $28 a month.
  • Six-month renewal plan will cost you $27.
  • For 12 boxes, i.e. renewal every 12 months will cost you $26.


Rescue boxes are a monthly subscription of toys, treats & chews for your dogs. The best part is you get the boxes in different sizes. The consumable items are made in the USA and Canada. Some chews are sourced from South America in USDA facilities.

Key features

  • Every month your dog will get unique and different items.
  • The company prefers highest-quality on all of their products.

Subscription Plans

  • There are four different plans provided with Rescue Box. You can subscribe every month which will charge around $29.95 for one box.
  • The three-month plans will be charged around $27.95 per month
  • The six months plans will cost around $25.45 per month
  • You can pay $23.45 a month and can subscribe for a 12-month plan


If you want to show your love to your dogs by offering gifts, you can always look for Pooch Perks. The store is known for natural treats and great toys. You have to sign up and then choose boxes by providing dog age, pet name, and breed. You will get two to three toys, two treats, chew push & durable options are available.

Key features

  • Custom box option available for your pet
  • Try sample boxes to know what your dog is going to get.
  • You can exchange defective items
  • Top durable and reasonable things

Subscription Plan

There are three different plans with Pooch Perks.

  • The popular pooch will charge around $23.75.
  • The custom Pooch is available at just $18.45.
  • The Pampered Pooch will cost you around $45 a month.

You can get the boxes in monthly, yearly or half-yearly wise.


Looking for healthier treats with amazing toys? Well, The Dapper dog box is the best option for you. Your dog will get five to six different items every month. The box includes two chewable toys, one bandana, and three treats.

Key features

  • All the items are natural
  • Secure shipping and returns on the entire boxes.
  • You can look for customer care option, if not satisfied with the delivery or any other issue.
  • 100% money back guarantee or replacement on defective items

Subscription Plan

  • The monthly subscription plan will cost you $35 per box for one month.
  • Three months plan will be charged around $30 a month
  • You can look for a six-month option where you have to pay around $27 a month.
  • The 12-month subscription plan comes for $25 a month.


Pup Joy provides the best toys, treats, chews, and accessories in one place. You can also customize the item you want to buy for your pet. You can also look for training with Pup Joy. You need to create a profile, select a plan. The boxes will be delivered to your doorstep every month.

Key Features

  • Get accessories from goodies to training essentials with Pup Joy
  • Your dog will get interactive and tough toys to enjoy the best.
  • Easy shipping and returns on all the boxes
  • Customize to your wish

Pricing & Plans

  • The monthly plan will be $39 a month
  • You have to pay $34 per month for the three-month plan
  • $32 will be charged per month for six-month plans
  • The yearly plan will be $29 per month.

Final Thought

Subscription Boxes are the best way to keep your dogs engaged. It works best when you’re not around. With the research and reviews from different users, we got you the best and durable dog subscription boxes in the industry.

Compare your price with any of the stores and get the best toys and treats for your dogs. Each brand offers a comfortable and secure payment option. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to get the latest update and information.


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