AdPlexity Review – The Intelligence Tool For Online Marketing

Ever heard about Affiliate spy tool? Well, Adplexity is here to ensure that you not only get the best spy tool but also it helps you to make your marketing decisions better. Now talking about online marketing, it is necessary for you and me to take the right step. With the growing competition, it is not easy to survive. Moreover, if you commit a mistake, you can imagine the burden.  Well, there are few measures you need to look when you run your marketing campaign or when you are looking for affiliates.

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It is usual that you would like to know which product is ranking on the top and which is not.  Also, the amount spent on a marketing campaign is always enormous. What if you get a tool which allows you to get a profitable campaign? Yes, you heard it right! Now not only advertise your product but also earn sufficient income from the campaign with Adplexity.

The tool is known to provide a wide range of data related to the world of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. It makes sure that you get relevant information on market trends, products, and stores. Also, if you want to know how your competitors are doing, you can always use Adplexity.

Why AdPlexity?

The need for a tool like Adplexity has become quite common in today’s online market. This is not because we get to check our competitors, but because of the in-depth information, you get in one place. It is never easy to get all the relevant information for the business in one place. Even if we get it, there will be few mistakes. To this, with Adplexity you get reliable and secure data for your marketing strategy.

AdPlexity Review

The tool helps in monitoring the hottest and the best Shopify stores. Adplexity is the only tool where you get information from 75 different countries. It is also known to help with in-depth, specific search and filtering options. You will get a user-friendly tool which can be easily accessible to a newbie. If you are not happy with the services, you get the money back guarantee. You can also have Adplexity Coupons to apply on spy tools for an offer.

Adplexity supports few Ad Networks which covers over 20 biggest mobile networks, which is PopCash, PopAds, PropellerAds, StartApp, AdCash and more. You will also get nine different native networks and 30 accessible sources with desktop traffic. So instead of committing a mistake in your marketing strategy, look for Adplexity which help you to give an inside scoop on your competitors.

Tools & Pricing

There are six different tools which come with Adplexity. Let’s have a look at each of them with their price.

  • Adplexity Mobile- Adplexity mobile is here to help you with the most popular mobile sources and a successful mobile campaign. You get an advanced search option where you can search with specific keywords, advertisers, affiliate networks, and much more. You will be only charged $149 a month for a single user.
  • Adplexity Desktop- Know about desktop traffic sources and gets the latest desktop campaign with Adplexity Desktop. If you are looking to purchase the tool today, you will be only charged $149 for a month.
  • The Adplexity Native serves the best when it comes to the native campaign. You have to pay $169 a month to get a profitable campaign for your advertisement.
  • For Adplexity Adult you need to pay $149. The tool works best for those who are looking for an adult campaign.
  • Adplexity Ecommerce will be $149 a month, whereas you will be charged $129 for Adplexity Carriers.

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