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Yes, you heard it right! High Court lifts the ban on TikTok. But what lead the HC to do so? Three weeks before Madras High court banned the download of TikTok app and the charges on the app were pornography content which can be easily accessible to the kids.

On the 24th of April it seems that in an interim order, the court reversed the ban. The court has given a warning and has agreed that the app should only be accessible to those who are above 18 years of age.

Advocate S.Muthukumar said that the ban had been uplifted after the company fulfilled the condition. TikTok has assured that all the video content will be checked thoroughly and only those who are above 18 can download the app.

tiktok is back

This news is a massive relief for both the TikTok Company and the users.  Recently, Tiktok content platform, ByteDance claimed that after the ban, the company is facing a loss of $5, 00,000 daily. This would also lead to a reduction in the number of jobs.

One of the senior members has also applauded the movement by saying “India is the thriving platform where people get an opportunity to showcase their talent. With a huge pool of talented community, it would be just amazing to do business in Indian Market.”

For those who don’t know what TikTok is, well it is an iOS, and Android media app aims to create and share videos. You can create short music videos of 3 to 15 seconds, or you can make short looping videos which will be of 3 to 60 seconds.

The application is widely popular, and around 300 million users are in India. The application has more than 1 billion downloads globally.  

With the uplift on the ban,  ByteDance has shown a sign of relief that it would surely get the business on the same track as it was before. Also, it is a sign of comfort for those who have been an active user on TikTok.

It seems that Tiktok ban has created much chaos and has been controversial. People who were not aware of the app now have an idea about what Titok is. In other terms, we can say that with the uplift of the ban, the company has already gained marketing strategy and it will surely give a boost to the company.


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