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Don’t know why EMF protection products become so popular nowadays. I have been continuously hearing about the ­electromagneitic radiation that they are seriously affecting our health. Many of the unbiased scientific studies revealed that pollution is causing harm. Everyone out there needs EMF protection from all 100 million times more.


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Mostly, electromagnetic radiation is emitted from mobile phones, domestic appliances, power tools, including automotive. By using these electromagnetic field protection products, the individuals can stay stress-free, healthy, and sleeps better than before. By using the life energy solutions coupon code, you can get instant off on your purchase.

Do You Know How Dangerous EMF Is?

In this present generation, we are experiencing 100 million times of exposure to EMF. We can even observe this due to the rapidly increasing of rolling out of 5G. EMF depleted the immune systems and stopped the production of the vital hormone melatonin.

Electromagnetic Field Protection For Your Health

What Types of EMF Protection Are Available?

There are many EMF protection products on the market from day to day life. At life energy solutions, they are selling EMF protection jewelry at most affordable prices. All the scalar waves in the frequencies embedded in our products. Case Study of Electrosensitivity.

Electrosensitivity is also known as hypersensitivity. It is a state where your body becomes so sensitive to electrical fields. They are caused due to the daily tasks like using the phone, driving a car, and working on the computer. These symptoms vary from mild to severe headaches, nausea, insomnia, eye irritations, dizziness, skin rashes, facial swelling, joint pains, ringing in the ears, abdominal pain, balance problems, including seizures. Apply the life energy solutions discount code to get off.

Products of Life energy Solutions

  • EMF product
  • Electrosensitivity
  • Insomnia
  • Night terrors
  • Stress
  • Geopathic stress
  • Energy balance
  • Healing

Pros of Life Energy Chakra Healing Wand

  1. It helps your body to obtain homeostasis
  2. Strength your bio filed
  3. Facilitates pain and discomfort
  4. Food intolerances
  5. Strengthens immunity
  6. Plants, fruits, and vegetables grow better
  7. Improves the quality of life. 

Pricing of The Life Energy Solutions

At life energy solutions, you can find products designed for some specific purpose. For owing these products, you need to pay $159 for power P.E bal, $239 for zen stone, $129 for the negater shell, $89 for the ki-bal, 199$ for the nu-me skinny unity silver, $199 for the mu-me skinny-tri-curl silver, $179 for nu-me skinny stainless steel evolution and $29 for natty cases x3 cord.


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