Apply For SBI EMV Chip-And-Pin Card For Free

State Bank of India is an Indian Multinational, public sector banking and financial services company. SBI provides free of cost service from migrating existing debit card to an EMB chip-and-Pin Debit card .The customers can apply for the EMV chip online or by visiting the nearest branch.

The Reserve Bank of India asked Commercial banks to migrate from magnetic stripe-based cards to EMV chip-an-pin cards before 31st December 2018 . This move is done to enhance the security and also protect from fraudulent activities. EMV chip card technology is the latest global standard for debit card payments which is embedded with microprocessor chip that stores and protect cardholder data.

emv chip debit card

Things To Know About SBI EVM Chip Card

There will be no change in Annual Maintenance Charge as compared to Magstripe Card.

As a safety measure, Bank will not unblock any Magstripe Debit Card which is blocked once. The replacement EMV Chip Debit Card will issued free of cost to you.

You can apply for the replacement EMV Chip Debit Card by visiting your home Branch. Alternatively, you can also request for issuance of the replacement EMV Chip Debit Card through internet banking

You can identify your Debit Card as a Magstripe Debit Card if there is no Chip located on the face (center left position) of the Debit Card.

EMV Chip technology is the latest global standard for Debit Card payments. This technology features Debit Cards with embedded microprocessor chip that store and protect cardholder data. This is a much secure technology as compared to Magstripe variants of Card.

“Protect yourself from fraudulent activities by applying for an EMV Chip Card with SBI free of cost. It’s the latest standard in debit card security.” Says SBI

How To Apply Online For New SBI EVM Debit Cards

Log on

Log in with your User Id and Password

Under “e-services” tab click on” ATM Card Service” and follow the instruction


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