Torque Detail Discount Code – The Additional Synthetic Polymer Protection

Designed by professional detailers, Torque Detail is specially formulated to provide a glass-like shine with additional synthetic polymer protection. It also helps vehicle’s clear coat and has UV protection and repels hydrophobic. The product shines like a polish and protects like a sealant. The quick detail sprays application bottle allows the user to protect vehicles. All the products are the U.S. Made with patented polymer-based formula bonds to your paint coating. Get now offer using Torque Detail Discount Code.


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The product is easy to use and performs superbly. It comes without residue and has easy on and off application. It is safe and effective for direct application paint coats, gel coats, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, steel, aluminum, marble, granite, chrome, and rubber. Torque Detail only works online and gives smooth and secure payments to its users. Torque Detail reviews maintain transparency in the business and help the user to know more about the product and get the product online.

Why Torque Detail?

The product Mirror Shine is formulated in the U.S. and is designed by expert detailers to give daily drivers high-grade finishes that detailers would require for their vehicle. Mirror Shine is produced as a quick detailer spray that provides professional detailer results at a fraction of the cost and is believed to be one of the smooth and fast application. When implemented accurately, the vehicle will give a bright mirror-like, high gloss top coat and gives helps in providing a glossy finish to the car. Our Proprietary Hybrid Formula not only gives your vehicle a high gloss finish but protects your vehicle for up to 6 months which is quite long lasting.

Torque Detail Coupon Code

One gets a 30-Day Money Back Refund Guarantee if the consumers are not satisfied with the product. The product replaces every other brand as this one comes with unique and unusual features. It helps one to saves times as it requires one to spray and buff with a microfiber towel. The products guarantee user to give six-month protection. The product provides easy shipping and returns on the product and helps the user in providing excellent customer service. Torque Detail coupon code helps the user to get the product at much more less price than expected.

How To apply

Shake the bottle before using

•    Make sure you utilize the spray to a clean and fresh surface
•    Wash your car and let it dry. Once it is dried, you can apply the spray to ensure minimal contamination on the vehicle.
•    Do not use any wax or coating before applying Mirror Shine
•    User Microfiber towel and always spray a little amount of Mirror Shine
•    User another microfiber towel into the surface until desired polish is reached.

List of Products
Mirror Shine is available in different sizes and at different prices. One can visit the website and look for the best size accordingly. One 16oz bottle can be useful for up to 10-12 applications on a regular-sized car. The cars which are washed and are clean will only need a small amount of spray. For vehicles that haven’t been cleaned,  will require more advanced treatment, and sometimes repetitious applications.   


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