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Whether you are just a beginner in the field of online marketing or an experienced person, you will always look forward to sustaining the best in the market. Adplexity makes sure that you get the best tool to boost your online marketing. You can also look for Adplexity coupon to get the best quality tool at a much reasonable price than the original price.

To maintain sustainability, you need to strategize your marketing plan. You also need to ensure that whether all the plans and strategy are working out or not. Do you realize your time is spent on analyzing and not coming to any conclusion is even worse?

So, without a tool, we can’t make our strategy accurate? You need to understand for any online business, and you need to run the best way so that the companies stand out against the competitors.

The competition is enormous in the market, spending time on analyzing; planning and then executing will be time-consuming. You have to look for something which helps you to provide the best information in less time. Also, it is essential to know what type of tool you’re using.


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Adplexity makes it possible for the business to get the best way to stay at the top of the trend. You get the best way to analyze your marketing campaign. The tool focuses on the product that sells, which means they show the top-most products before they attain the saturation level.

What is Adplexity?

Adplexity is a spy tool which helps you to run your advertising campaign. The tool is specially made for mobile, native and adult ads. Adplexity also helps in running profitable Ads. It gives you access to critical data such as where your competitors are ranking and what different marketing strategies they are using to be on the top.

Let us look at the different features which adplexity provides.

  • You get to know about the competitors from 75 different countries and also what marketing strategy they are following.
  • Supported on all the devices and operating system which include iPhone, Android, Windows, and PC
  • You get more than 100 Affiliate networks
  • Over 120 carriers that help in running the traffic worldwide
  • Get successful campaign quickly and conveniently
  • You get to download every landing page that assists with tracking campaigns

How to Use Adplexity?

To use Adplexity, you need to search with the keyword. Once you search, you can analyze the trend in the market. You will also quickly come to know which of the product is promising and has been working for a long time. You can also look for the branded campaign and know from what is the majority of affiliates which are ranking on the top. To know more about it please follow Adplexity Review.

Different Tools of Adplexity

There are six various tools which you get with Adplexity

  • Adplexity Mobile
  • Adplexity Desktop
  • Adplexity Ecomm
  • Adplexity Native
  • Adplexity Adult
  • Adplexity Carriers

Let us discuss each of the tools. In brief to get a better idea of what each device offers. Just before we talk about how to use adplexity, let us discuss what you see once you get access to adplexity, you will see a dashboard which is divided into three main parts.

  • You get to see the search menu on the top of the dashboard.
  • The filters option will be on the right of the tool
  • All the results will be visible in the center of the website.

Adplexity coupon

What does Search Menu in Adplexity Dashboard Help with?

You can write the keyword you want to search for your ads, products or store. The next thing you see the best search results with the keywords you wish to on the landing pages. You can also search by Advertiser which will help you in knowing about certain offers which are getting the top sales in the market.

If you are searching by Advertiser, you get four different options which are Landing pages URLs, LP redirect chain, LP outgoing URLs or you can look for all of the above. The other way to search for the best product or store is by looking at the different criteria which include the Newest, Running Longest, and received the most traffic.

What does the Filter option help you with?

The filter option will help you to search according to the Ad type, device Type, Language, Connection, Traffic sources, Affiliate Network, Country, Tracking Tool and Days running.

Adplexity Mobile

With Adplexity Mobile, you get the best mobile campaign for your business.  As said earlier, it grabs data from more over 75 countries which include in-app and publicly hidden mobile carrier campaign. You can find network from over 100 affiliate offers. You get the data where you can identify your competitor. You can also filter by given keywords on the mobile.

Adplexity Mobile Pricing

The price for Adplexity Mobile will be $199 a month which is for per user. If you are looking for a yearly plan, you will be charged around $1990 for a year.  You will get five networks for Popup ads which are AdCash, PropellerAds, PopAds, PopCash & Zeropark.

Adplexity mobile will also help you with five different networks for Android-In App data which is StartApp, InMobi, MillennialMedia, Airpush & Lead Bolt. The payment is easy and secure. If you are not happy with the services, look for a money back guarantee.

Adplexity Desktop

Adplexity Desktop works best when it comes to finding the successful desktop campaign.  You get to analyze data from a vast range of desktop traffic sources. The tool will help in showing how long the campaign is running and in which month or day it is performing the best.

Desktop helps you to know where the advertiser has drawn traffic from which you can use for your advertisement. You can also see which offer is offered on the landing with outgoing URLs.

Adplexity Desktop Pricing

If you are looking for monthly plans, then Adplexity Desktop will be $199 per month per user. For the yearly plan, you will get two months free option, and the charges will be around $1990 for a single user.

Adplexity Desktop Features

  • You get four different Popup Ads data which is AdCash, PropellerAds, PopAds, and PopCash.
  • The tool helps with Desktop display ads data like Open X, Rubicon, AdForm, Rubicon, AppNexus and more.
  • You will get powerful and easy to use interface. Also, look for chat and email support.

Adplexity Native

Few online businesses are looking for a different way to generate traffic and sales on their campaign. Yes, since the traditional method of campaigning has become widely popular, it is difficult for many online businesses to survive.

We have Adplexity Native for you which help in boosting your traffic and help in running the most successful native advertising campaign in seconds. You get data from over 32 countries around the world. Also, you can look over 1000 affiliate networks related to native campaigning.

Adplexity Native Pricing

There are two different pricing options which come in Adplexity Native Pricing.  You can either pay every month, or you can pay yearly which will begin at just $2490 annually.

You get

  • Seven networks for Native ads data.
  • Powerful and easy interface to use
  • Data from all the website and significant devices
  • Also, you get to chat and email support

Adplexity Ecomm

Has it ever happened to you that your marketing strategy fails to succeed? Well, as a human being we commit mistakes, but you buy Adplexity Ecomm, you get a better marketing decision from where you can track a profitable e-commerce store.

The tool is designed to help you with all the marketing needs. Look at the features it offers You will able to see thousands of products that are making money right now. Adplexity makes sure you get relevant and accurate information regarding product and stores. Access data on over a lakh e-commerce store. You can search, filter and sort by popularity or trending to get to know about the best store

Adplexity Ecomm Pricing

If you are looking for monthly plans, you need to pay $199 monthly. For the annual plan, you’ll be charged $1990.

What do you get?

  • Access to real-time data on the best products
  • You get a powerful and easy tool to use
  • Get to know about the historical price change

Adplexity Carriers

Now you can browse over eighty plus mobile carrier in thirty different countries with Adplexity Carriers. You get a technology which allows Advertisers, Affiliates, Ad and Affiliate Network to validate online media activities. The Carriers help with conversion flows, bypass cloakers, help seeing landing pages.

What you get with Adplexity Carriers

  • Most advanced proxies with real SIM cards
  • You get to avoid the fake user agent problem.
  • Every month you will see new countries added
  • Reliable and robust technical solution

Adplexity Carriers Pricing

The price will be $149 per month for 500MB data transfer. If you are looking for yearly plans, you need to pay $1490 for 500 MB of data transfer each month. You will be able to sign to Adplexity Carriers platform quickly. Choose any country and mobile carrier platform you want.

Adplexity Adult

We know how the campaign is gaining popularity in today’s world.  Now people are looking out a way to improve their campaigning strategy. The adult campaign has become a hot new topic in the market, where you can advertise and earn a profit for any business

Adplexity Adult Features

  • You get to uncover all the profitable campaign which is running on adult popup traffic resources.
  • Search by Keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network and much more.
  • You can look for insight business activity running on adult exchanges
  • Look for information from over 75 countries around the world
  • You will get advanced search and filtering option
  • Know about the successful adult campaign at your fingertips.

Adplexity Adult Pricing

There are two different plans which come with Adplexity adult. This includes monthly and yearly plans. The monthly will be charged around $199 a month. If you are looking for the yearly plan, it will be charged around $1990. The payment will be easy and secured.

Final Thought

All the tools have been proved to be the best in the industry. It helps in fulfilling the marketing campaign and strategies. So, if you are spending enough time on research or you’re using many tools for taking marketing decision, make sure you look for Adplexity Tools. You can also look for Adplexity discount code and coupon code to buy the product at a lower price.


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