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Gotrax is a startup company that manufactures and sells electric scooters across the globe. Primarily, these electric scooters are bold and beautiful at the same time. The individuals can explore from one location to another via using different pavements. Gotrax started in 2017 and undoubtedly stood as the top seller on Amazon. Use the Gotrax coupons to get off on your purchase.


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Later, Gotrax has introduced a full line of G-series electric scooters. Most of there customer services located in Dallas, Texas. All Gotrax products can be found on marketplaces and retailers. Every product comes with a 90-day warranty. At Gotrax, you can shop for Electric scooters, Hoverboards, E-bikes, and accessories.  

Which Item Can You Find Right Inside The Box?

  • Electric Scooter
  • Console & Handlebars
  • Approved Power Adapter
  • Allen Wrench
  • Screws
  • Tire pump Extender
  • Safety Pin

You have to get to know about your Scooter first. Every Scooter comes with Headlight, Accelerator, Console, Charger port, Hook, Brake, Rear brake, Fender buckle, Rear reflector, Disc brake, Kickstand, Hub motor, and Tiller.   

Electric Scooters And Hoverboards

Steps For Assembling The Scooter

  1. By turning on the rear fender, it can separate the folding hook and fender buckle.
  2. Detach Hook and Remove Plug Inside Tiller
  3. Place console into Tiller & Reattach
  4. Charge your Scooter before using
  5. Just open the rubber charging port cover and insert charging plug into the port
  6. If the battery is fully charged, you can see the indication of the green light
  7. When you are done charging make sure to cover the charging port

Gotrax Products

Electric Scooters 

Gotrax is making the electric scooters for years. In 2018 gotrax exploded the scene with the GXL electric scooter. All these Scooters made with a 250-watt motor. These built with materials that can support up to 220 lbs. The electric scooters are available in GXL and XR Series. Apply the Gotrax discount code to get instant off.


The hoverboard comes with exciting features. These hoverboards are available in three series such as Hoverfly, SRX s, and E series. Primarily, these boards can even support up to 220lbs They are UL certified hoverboards. You need to pay $99 for SRX Bluetooth hoverboard 6.5″, $199.99 for SRX A6 Bluetooth hoverboard 6.5 and $179.99 for Hoverfly XL off-road hoverboard.

Commuter E-Bike

The commuter E-bike is built with a high-quality and long-lasting battery. Its frame comes with a lightweight design. These commuter e-bikes can travel at a max speed of 20MPH. Shift S1 supports 350watts of power with 16″ tires. This product is available in Black and Blue colors. You need to pay $649.99.


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