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Knot and Rope Supply is a company that manufactures premium quality ropes. If you are a person who does adventurous activities then, Knot and rope supply is the right platform. Already this company has eight years of experience in the industry. They were established as one of the country’s largest rope retailers across the globe. This company is unique in making a variety of products for their customers. Use the knot and rope supply discount code to get off on your purchase.


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John Hartenburg is the owner of Knot and Rope. He loves to make sure Knot at reasonable prices. The individuals can even book some of the special orders like GSA, custom lanyard, dock lines, handmade dog leashes, including exercise ropes. You can use rope clamps for creating a loop on your string.

What Are The Safety Tips To Be Followed?

We know that rope is one of the oldest and most used tools for humanity. On a daily basis, these rope get shipped all over the USA and Canada. One of the main things this company takes care off about ropes is its strength.

Knot and Rope Discount Code

  • Do not overload rope
  • Avoid the shock loading rope
  • You should not use rope beyond heat rating
  • Avoid any area of around the linear length of loaded rope
  • Keep the rope away from all chemicals


Manila Rope

Manila Rope is an authentic rope that comes with strength and durability. It looks so classic. You have to note that manila rope shrinks when it becomes dry. This is a rope that’s is a long-time favourite many individuals. All these rope are available in 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and so on.

Jute Rope

Jute rope is 100% softer. It is more supple than the manila rope. You can use this rope for exercise climbing. They are not recommended for outdoor use. It weighs 0.44lb. You have to pay $4.60 for jute rope.  

Cotton Rope

Cotton rope is pleased to offer cotton three-strand rope. It is made from very high-quality cotton yarns. This rope comes with creamy white colour. You can shop for different types of cotton rope such as 3mm single strand cotton, 4mm single strand, 6mm single strand, ball of 3/32 cotton twine, 11/2″ 3 strand cotton and 1/4 substantial braid cotton.  

Polypropylene rope

Polypropylene rope comes with so many unique properties. If you are looking for the lightweight rope, then this is the perfect and very economical rope. These ropes lightweight, rot proof, will not shrink, resistant to water, oil, gasoline and resistant to most of the chemicals.

Flat Nylon Webbing

Flat nylon webbing is a 100% tough nylon webbing that is made in the USA by a company known as sterling rope. Their mil-spec tubular webbing is favoured by climbers and rescue specialists for slings and anchor systems. This is a tape that comes with premium nylon webbing which features a smooth, denser weave than mil-spec.

Rigging Ropes

If you’re taking down any limb or tree then, you must definitely need the right equipment for doing. All these ropers are available in different sort of colours like blue, grey, green, orange, pink and many more. The rigging ropes is a very popular rope that is used for rigging, pulling and tress removal. Mostly, the outer part consists of polyester while on the other hand, the inner part is nylon. finally, this kind of ropes gives great resistance.


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