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Paint with diamond believes in creating their awesome diamond artwork. These kinds of arts can make as much fun as they could. They are passionate about crafting, which results in delivering DIY diamond painting kits. All this painting were drawing by most professional designers.  This company was established in 2017. Paint with diamonds strives every day to create beautiful crafts, including art therapy. Overall 250,000 happy diamond painters were served across the world. It is a US-based company. Headquarters were located in New York City. All products, including kits, are available at affordable prices.



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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Diamond Painting:

It is the newest craft which combines cross stitch & Paint by numbers. You can even apply tiny resin diamonds to DMC adhesive canvas that creates vibrant mosaic arts & Paintings.

What is the Instructions of Diamond Painting?

Remove all the items from the package, Then layout the canvas upon a clean surface. Just choose a single color diamond. If you place the diamonds in a grooved tray, It world will be comfortable while picking up. You can even dip the applicator in the wax. The user has to keep this point in mind. Some of the kits come with Wax and Tweezers. Use the applicator tools around the side of the diamond. Carefully peel off the back plastic film perfectly.

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Custom Diamond Kits:

The custom diamond kits were classified into four different types.

1) Custom Diamond painting kit full drill.

2) Custom paint with diamonds -3 panels.

3) Custom paint with diamonds -5 panels.

4) Custom Paints with diamonds-3 panels.

You can create your diamonds, which turns into diamond paintings completely. These kind of photos are perfect for any occasions like birthday, Weddings, Anniversaries or else new babies — their expert design team reviews by optimizing every single image that is turned in to diamond painting kit.

What changes can you see in the photo?

Paint with diamonds will make sure that your subject is a focus upon diamond painting with basic cropping & Framing. You have to know when there are very dark or very bright areas the detailing will be lost. The individuals have to adjust brightness and contrast. Due to some properties, sometimes the unexpected colors many turn up in diamonds. Black photo may contain shades of green or brown that is converted into a diamond painting. These are five steps which are considered such as Select your desired size, Click choose file for uploading your image, Browse through your device until you find desired image,  Verify your image whether it is uploaded correctly or not, and Click the image link that is attached to your order.

What’s Inside the package?

1) One numbered adhesive canvas

2) One pair of tweezers which is applied upon diamonds.

3) One diamond painting pen with rubber cushion.

4) One grooved organizing tray.

5) Extra plastic bags for storage.

6) Colored resin diamonds.

Pricing of Custom Kits:

For custom diamond painting kit full drill, You have to pay $19.99, $57.99 for custom paint with diamonds-3 panels, $80.99 for custom paint with diamonds-5panels, and $45.99 for 3-panels custom paint with diamonds.


Paint with diamonds provides diamond painting kits for adults at most affordable rates. Every day almost 1,000 plus stunning designs were added. You can even find some of the world’s favorite patterns like Custom diamond painting kit, Soulmates, Santa in the forest, Warped sunflower, Signs of the Zodiac, Custom kits, and Accessories.


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