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Dropified is a software which is fully automated drop shipping application. It can take order fulfillment within 17 minutes per product. You can get a free trial for fourteen days. It integrated with Shopify, woo commerce, Commerce HQ, Gearbubble pro, and Zapier. Dropified is a powerful automation tool. At least you can save up to 20 hours per week. You can get started by picking your products which you want to sell, Drive traffic to your store and start selling your products, and Let dropified automate. It can automatically give you product alerts. Each order is tracked automatically in the background. By using Dropified coupon code, you can get a discount while purchasing.


Dropified offers to save 25% on choosing Annual Plans.

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Some of The Key Features of Dropshipping Software:

These features can change your business instantly without any hassle.
1) Add products with just one click.
2) Fulfill orders automatically.
3) Price change auto updates.
4) Product availability updates.
5) Product Customization.
6) Product Automations. A
7) Shipment Tracking.
8) Filter Product with E-packet.
9) Up to 25 sub-users.
10) Change Product suppliers.
12) Connect product suppliers.
13) Create product suppliers.
14) Connect existing products.
15) Manage your store in one place.
16) Easy variant setup.
17) Create product Bundles.
18) Expanding product offerings.
19) US product database.
20) Easy customer updates.
21) Easy to follow the training.


Features of Dropified:

If can run a successful dropshipping business by using Dropified. It is a complete suite which works to run, grow, and Scale your dropshipping business.
1) You can add products to your online store from eBay.
2) Automatically fulfill an order made from your store.
3) Price change auto updates.
4) Product availability updates.
5) Dynamic Facebook feeds.
6) Easy product variant setup.
7) Filter products with Epacket.
8) Connect existing products.
9) product and Inventory sync.
10) 1-Click add to your store.
11) Edit products on upload.
12) Product Customization.
13) Save original product information.
14) 1-click save for later.
15) Import product reviews from Vendor.
16) Bulk editing of products.
17) Easy vendor Change.
18) Easy Multi-Vendor per product.
19) Check for product videos.
20) US product Database.

Order Fulfillment Features:

This order fulfillment is an extremely time -consuming task. It takes and automates by saving tons of time.
1) One-click auto fulfillment.
2) Order fulfillment monitoring.
3) View and manage store orders.
4) Easy order filtering.
5) Save shipping options.
6) Aliexpress Captcha solver.
7) Easy customer updates.
8) See exact dates on the orders page.

Product Image features:

You have to know that your product images are first impressions for every customer. It’s a dropified powerful image tool which helps to create a visual e-commerce store.
1) Download product images.
2) upload custom product images.
3) Easy product images.
4) In-app photo editing.
5) Free Chrome extension.
6) Quick default settings.
7) Aliextractor research.
8) Set easy automatic margins.
9) Advanced training.

Features included in Dropified premier plans:

1) Find youtube video that relates to your market.
2) Easily integrates with Zapier to automate your workflow.
3) Create a toll-free number which helps to grow your business.
4) Quickly see net profit stats by using our profit dashboard.
5) Save time using unlimited high-speed captcha solver.
6) Google product feed.
7) Manage multiple stores.


Dropified offers two types of plans like Builder plan & Premier plan. By upgrading to builder plan, You can get access to 1 store, 15,000 products, 50 product boards, Unlimited orders per month, and five users. You have to pay $47 for monthly, and $39 for an annual plan. By choosing a premier plan, you can get access to 5 stores, 50,000 products, 250 products boards, Unlimited orders per month, 25 users, All builder features plus, Advanced profit dashboard, Zapier integration, unlimited high -speed captcha solver, Calflex with Tubehunt. For the premier plan, you have to pay $127 for monthly, and $97 for the Annual plan.


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