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Eskating is a company which collects electric skateboard parts to build their board. Nowadays, electric motors are in every field. But it is a good thing to ride an electric skateboard. These skateboards are practical to use every day. A skateboard needs to travel for a few miles. It should be fast. While riding electric skateboards, You have to overcome the obstacles by flip side. By using Eskating coupon code, you can get a discount. At eskating, You can shop for 3D printers, Eskating beasts, Eskating kits, Mountain boards parts, protective gear, Pre-cutted nickel, Belts, Pulleys including Bluetooth modules.


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Bundles classified into eleven different types, such as:

1) Samsung 30Q cells 60x.
2) Samsung 30Q cells 50x.
3) Samsung 30Q cells 10x.
4) Samsung 30Q cells 20x.
5) Samsung 30Q cells 2X.
6) Eskating pulleys and belts covers for electric skateboards.
7) Caliber all trucks.
8) Electric skateboard motor mounts aluminum carbon pro.
9) Bundle HTD 5M 53 teeth belt.
10) Bundle HTD 5M 56 teeth belt.
11) Bundle HTD 5M 53 teeth belt 265mm 3x.

All these Samsung 30Q cells come with a nominal capacity of 3000 mAh. It’s a nominal voltage of 3.6V that discharge at 2.5 V. The maximum discharging current varies between 15A to 20A with the dimensions of 64.85mm. Eskating pulleys & belts cover been printed in Italy with the highest-quality ABS. It is fully compatible with eskating motor mounts. This electric skateboards motor is fully CNC machined in Italy. They made of Anticorodal black aluminum, clamp with 100% carbon fiber motor plate. Clamps have a thickness of 12mm with 5mm motor plate thickness. The bundle HTD comes with high-quality electric skateboard belt. Their length is 280mm with 56 teeth that fit with 15/42 pulleys — their material made of Neoprene rubber.

Sixteen Types of Eskating products:

At Eskating, You can shop for sixteen different types of products which enlisted below:
1) 3D Printers.
2) Eskarting Beasts.
3) Eskating kits.
4) Eskiting Mountain boards parts.
5) Protective Gear.
6) Pre-cutted Nickel.
7) Belts.
8) Pulleys.
9) Motor Mounts.
10) Bluetooth modules.
12) Batteries.
13) Bestech BMS.
14) Cells.

These 3D printers classified in two different types such as 3D printer TORNADO by Tevo assembled at 95%, and 3D printer FLASH by tevo collected at 98% full optional. The eskating beast consists of Eskating beast falcon 10S3P BT, Eskating little beast 10S2P, and Eskating dual beast EVO 10S4P. There are four types of Eskating kits such as Dual mechanical kit for electric mountains, Electric skateboard 7020W dual drive conversion kit, Electric skating rear dual drive kit 7020W, and Electric skateboard 3550w mono drive conversion. You can shop for various mountain boards parts like 12mm aluminum washers, double mechanical equipment for electric mountain boards, Eskating flex carbon pro deck, and many more.


At Eskating, You can even shop for some of the top rated products such as Electric skateboard speed controller, Nano-x remote, Angled riser, Abs enclosure, HTD 5M teeth nylon carbon, HTD 5m teeth nylon carbon all-terrain wheel, Anti-spark power switch, Electric mountain board road, M4 bolts and many more. You have to pay $94.25 for electric skateboards, $49.17 for Nano-x remote, $12.29 for Angled riser pads ESK, $32.78 for ABS enclosure, $32.78 for Anti-spark power switch, and $73.76 for all terrain long board wheels.


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