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Technology is improving immensely, and this has increased the standard of living of an individual. It has made one’s life easier by availing services which never existed. Change is everywhere from mobile phones to buy a product online. This wouldn’t have been possible with the existence of Technology. Also, the due rise of tech industry one gets all the products and services at an affordable price. When you talk about Internet connections in the ’90s, the critical issue was the price and the wiring hassle. Now since big companies like AU Hikari & NURO Light took over, it provided these connections at an entirely higher rate but with quality services. Have now JapanWifiBuddy Discount Code.


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When it comes to WIFI connections, one can imagine that they are going to get internet connections just at home, but this does not apply to JapanWifiBuddy. JapanWifiBuddy is giving an extraordinary service which helps one to get the connection even if they are outside the house or at Burger King. This new introduction is making life more comfortable by giving them the best service with high-speed internet at a much more less price than expected.  JapanWifiBuddy reviews on the product help the user to know more about the product and improve the user to get the same product with the same features as shown on the website.

Why JapanWifiBuddy?

It is usual that people are concerned with the internet connection as it is playing a significant role in the 21st Century. Every individual looks out for Google or Youtube now and then, and with the introduction of social media apps, it has become an addiction for everyone. There is also no age barrier in using internet connection as everybody is using it.

Japanwifibuddy Promo Code

JapanWifiBuddy comes with a high price which helps one to get the best connection irrespective of the place where they are using it. With a portable device which goes with a battery life of about 12 hours in a day. Features include unlimited data without charging anything extra if overused. It also makes sure of carrying around of own secure network. If the device is misplaced or broken and it becomes unusable or unpresentable, the website will bill the credit card for the replacement charge of the combined devices and accessories.

The size of the device is of an iPhone 5 which makes it easier for one to carry it along with themselves. One can expect a specified speed of 150Mbps. With many factors that support in getting the connection speed to include network traffic, location, physical obstacle. These factors might reduce the rate. The website also gives excellent customer service to its user. JapanWifiBuddy coupons on the product help the user to get the product at much more less price than usual.


There are three separate plans.

  • 8-day sim  which comes with Unlimited data with 2GB of LTE speed data  at just USD 20
  • 15-day sim provides Unlimited data with 4GB of LTE speed data for USD 32
  • 30-day sim offers Unlimited data, 215MB of LTE speed data per day at just $42 USD
  • One can get the  adapter/ ejector kits in case your phones do not use NANO-size Sims for USD 3.19

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