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Brick masons inspired by the idea of building the lodge in the 22nd century.  This company encourages the younger generation. Every brick should be aligned correctly. The name itself tells perfection, strength, and to be patient. This company is using the internet for outreaching its resources. At brick masons, you can find great products at wholesale prices. They strive to put customer satisfied by making premium quality products at most affordable prices. By using Brick masons coupon code, You can get a discount. This company wants to build the world’s best library, which can be accessed by everyone all around the world.


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Regalia List:

Brick masons aim is to make the best quality regalia for various bodies of Freemasonry. You can select some of the regalia products such as Scottish Rite, English Regalia.R.A.O.B, Blue Lodge, French Rite, Memphis Misraim, Canadian Regalia, The U.S.A. Regalia, White Aprons, Funeral Aprons, Shriners Regalia, Fez Hats, O.E.S, Daughters of Isis and Scottish Rite.

The Masonic collar is made up of Moire ribbon. It comes with the width of 110 mm ribbon. They are machine embroidery with a swivel hook placed at the bottom for attaching jewel. Deluxe masonic is genuinely a masterpiece. For A+ quality, no fabric used. Its threads placed beneath the pillows. 3D effect pillow made of A++ quality.  These come with adjustable belt, and Gold plated snake fitting, Pocket is locating at the rear, and size varies between 18″ x 15″.

Regalia Accessories:

They are the best suppliers of Masonic regalia and accessories. All the products come with most excellent embroidery material. At brick masons, You can shop for various types of accessories like Masonic jewels, Chain collars, Masonic caps, Masonic cuffs & Gauntlets, Masonic gloves, regalia cases, belt extenders, masonic swords, and Masonic banners and covers. These masonic jewels are the surviving objects of Freemasonry. Wearing of Masonic ornaments is continued in the nineteenth century. They are one of the most trusted sources of Masonic. Use brick masons coupon code to get a discount.

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Masonic apparels constitute a significant part of Masonic history. It also ranges from cufflinks to belts. They offer a wide range of masonic garments with global styles and trends. As you can shop for a different type of products. Individuals can customize by personalizing the ties. This tie contains 95% polyester and 5% yarn.


Custom Ties.

Tie Clips.


Bow Ties.

Polo shirts.




Caps & Hats.


Masonic jewelry is the symbol of Freemasonry. Its freemasons have a long back history. You can shop for different types of Masonic jewelry products.

Masonic rings.



Tie Clips.


Lapel pins & Brooches.

Watches & key chains.

Masonic lightning.

Emblems & Stickers.

Masonic coins.

Masonic gifts.

Masonic flags.

They sell an extensive range of Masonic jewelry for all occasions and degrees. The masonic necklaces and pendants are great gifts for freemasons. These round square shaped compass G masonic necklaces come with the pendant size of 43 mm x 49 mm.


Brick mason offers customization products for their customers. Even if you have your design or else add your lodge, They can make it as simple as it. This company also provides craftsmanship skills in the service of existing regalia and Fezzes. Its a platform where you can discover Knights Templar regalia, Accessories, jewelry, and gifts.


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