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Wellue is a company that makes the most innovative health care products at affordable prices. They believe innovative technology truly cares about your wellness. It is a brand founded by Viatom technology co.ltd. Their rapid-growing health technology focuses on improving people’s health. Wellue also leverages advanced technology and deep consumer insights for delivering best-class health care products.


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You can get 30 days money-back guarantee. At wellue, you can shop for different types like SleepU-sleep blood oxygen monitor, O2ring, wear02-daytime blood oxygen monitor, pulsebit EX, DuoEK handheld wearable ECG monitor, including SnoreZ anti-snore. Use the wellue coupon code to get off on your purchase.

Why Snoring Worsen Relationships?

As usually, couples meant to stick together. In some cases, snoring can push back your relationship to the breakup paths. Already, sleep apnea association found that 20 million Brits are experiencing sleep deprivation due to their partner snores. We know that sleeping is important to human beings; getting enough rest at night is very crucial. 

Sleep Wrist Oxygen Monitor

In certain situations, severe snoring can cause stress on relationships. Most of the individuals get to know about their partner snores heavily. Sometimes we might have heard that couples sleep in separate rooms. If you are facing issues regarding your partner’s snores, then upgrade to the wellue products. 

Products At Wellue

  • O2Ring Oxygen Monitor
  • SleepU Wrist Oxygen Monitor
  • KidsO2 Perdiatric Oxygen Monitor
  • Oxylink Wearable Pulse Oximeter
  • Checkme Pro Doctor Vital Signs Monitor
  • DuoEK Wearable ECG Monitor
  • Pulsebit EX ECG Monitor
  • VisualBeat Heart Rate Monitor
  • AirBP Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor 
  • Babytone Fetal Heart Monitor 

SleepU can track your overnight blood oxygen levels and heart rate. This a device which is compact and lipstick-sized. Just wear it on your wrist for a full night. It records your blood oxygen, heart rate, and body movements every second. The sleepU comes with a built-in silent vibrator. SleepU device has a built-in rechargeable battery that gives up to 16 hours of battery life. You need to pay USD 132.99 for sleepU. 

Pricing of Wellue Products

Wellue products specially designed for individuals who snore a lot. You need to pay $135 for 02 Ring, $132.99 for SleepU, $139.95 for Pediatric oxygen monitor, $104.99 for wearable pulse oximeter, $79.99 for Visualbeat heart rate monitor, $59.99 for AirBp and Babytone fetal heart monitor. Don’t forget to apply the Wellue discount code to get instant off.


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