OnePLus TV To Launch Soon – Exciting Features& Date Yet To Announce

“As other consumer electronics have evolved and improved our lives, televisions have remained traditional and cumbersome in their functionality and experience, We bring inherent advantages to the industry by enhancing well integrated internet experience and with this new division, we’re excited to explore the total connected user experience that can enhance everyday life ” said Pete Lau, in a press statement while announcing the new division. The plan is to reshape the experience of home entertainment with the help of intelligent connectivity features on the OnePlus Smart TV.

OnePlus, the company that is so far popular for its smartphones, is now set to enter the television market by launching a smart TV that has internally been called the OnePlus TV. The company is yet to start making its TV and is currently asking for suggestions from the consumers through social media and website.

Anyone interested can contribute to what you want and expect from the upcoming OnePlus TV. There’s an open forum available on the OnePlus site where you can drop your idea for a name. The OnePlus TV is expected to come with a premium flagship design like its smartphones, top of the line image quality, a revolutionary audio experience pairing it with multiple connectivity features. The Smart TV from OnePlus is expected to offer some of the current premium TV features like 4K streaming, Android OS, internet connectivity next-generation sound audio, bezel-less design and more.

This is for the first time OnePlus will go beyond selling smartphones and smartphone accessories. OnePLus launch in India may release in second quarter of following the global launch might be at the same time when OnePlus launches Oneplus7 There’s no prices yet for the OnePlus TV but their strategy in the smartphone market has been to offer upper-mid-range products that cut the competition

“This is a huge step that we have taken with intense examination and discussion. We want to be clear and make it well known that this decision has been made and we are going to make this product,” said Lau. This decision by lau is one of the most exciting as with the development in the smart home section it is not suprising to see how one plus thinks about the customer expectations.


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