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Do you love to read books and news daily? We are busy with many essential work schedules. But it is vital to understand that keeps you motivated and active.  Now if you’re in the library, you might come across a lot of best books. But is it possible to read all of them?  Student and work life is where you have to keep yourself busy in gaining more detail in the respective field. Don’t miss the given Blinkist Discount Code.

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But as a passionate individual, you would also want to spend your time in reading. So instead of wasting time searching for what to read, we have something for you where you can get more information with a click. If you think you need to spend less time reading, you can always look for Blinkist. The app is designed to engage the user in getting reliable information in respective categories.

Reading is must, but if you’re busy enough, Blinkist helps to get you variety of information in one place. When we talk about the categories, it is just immeasurable. You can read about health, fitness, marketing, economics, corporate culture, Technology, Money & Investment, Politics & society, Motivation & Inspiration and more.

Why Blinkist?

When we talk about the app, it reads a book, identifies the vital information and helps the user to understand the summary in just 15 minutes. No matter you’re working or traveling, with the app, you get all critical categories covered. You can read them and also you won’t feel disconnected from the world.

blinkist coupon code

The app tries to explore in providing more than 3000 titles. Blinkist covers around 9 million users. The features are just amazing. Let’s have a look at them

  • Blinkist enriches your education, by providing you reliable and more information.
  • The app helps us to save time, and keep us engaged on the topic we want to focus on.
  • You get multiple formats which are audio and eBook.
  • The app allows you to highlight essential topics easily.

Instead of spending on books, you get a reliable and portable app at an affordable range by using Blinkist. If you can get the crucial points from different categories, you can always look for Blinkist. The best part is you also get a free trial which helps you to know about the quality it provides. You get a one day free trial for Blinkist.

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Plans & Pricing

There are two different plans for Blinkist. One where you get a yearly premium idea, and the other one provides you the monthly plans.

The features include

  • You can access the library easily
  • If you want to highlight any topic, you can do it with Blinkist and also secure your books to Kindle.
  • You can quickly learn hands-free by listening.

The price is much reasonable than reading books and spending more time on it. You will be charged $12.99 for the Premium Monthly plan; Premium Yearly plan will cost you $6.67. Now get in-depth and essential point information for 15 minutes on any subject with Blinkist.


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