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NYBK USA is a modern company which is a NewYork based designer eyewear brand. This brand showcases the latest fast changing fashion trends across the globe. Scarlet Jang is from the top-notch fashion school, which leads the design team to show trendy products during every season. These products are affordable for everyone. NYBK USA takes pride in using high-quality materials like Cellulose acetate and Beta titanium. Recently, NYBK USA has developed iconic visual which reflect the culture of NewYork city. Use NYBK coupon code to get a discount. It carefully checks and packs of products. In case if you find any damage within the product while shipping, You can exchange for a new one.


NYBK USA offers to save up to 35% on season sale items.

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Why is NYBK USA Producing Products by Handmade?

For manufacturing NYBK USA eyewear glasses, this company follows 29 steps respectively. All products are handmade by using high-quality materials. Every NYBK USA product requires three months to produce. They know that human touch is more delicate & detailed rather than a machine touch. Nowadays, it was challenging to find an eyewear brand which sells their handmade items less than $100. NYBK USA strives to share high-quality eyewear with many people. This eyewear priced under $100.


What is Blue Light?

It is the portion of the visible light spectrum which as the shortest wave with high energy. The blue light is everywhere, both indoor and outdoor. Almost 70% of the adults who daily use media devices can experience the symptoms of this digital eye strain. Do you know! Digital tools like smartphones, Tablets emits more blue light than another light source. According to the doctor reports, almost 50% has increased in digital eye strain.  You have to protect your eye from digital eye burn. By using NYBK USA coupon code, you can avail for a discount.

Types of Lenses:

Lenses was classified into nine different types which enlisted below.

Non-prescription lenses.

Basic prescription lenses.

UV protection prescription lenses.

UV plus scratch protection.

Prescription Sunglasses.

Reading glasses.

Blue light blocking.

Drive day lenses.

Drive night lenses.


Optical signature frames are designed to outlast trends. They handcrafted with premium metal materials for achieving high durability. At nybkusa, You can shop for different types of visual such as G.glen cove M7, Utica M7, After Rome L7, After Utica, Troy C69, G.Boston L7, Rochelle, Auburn L16, Newburgh T32, Osergo M8G, New York city M33, Erie M56, Broome M56, Cortland M56, Batavia T756, Queens c9, and Albany L7.


NYBK USA is the newyork designer eyewear brand sunglasses. You can get trending fashion sunglasses for Both women and men. Sunglasses  classified into various types like Glen cove M33 PK, Glen cove M7 BL, Ithaca M32 BL, Glens Falls M7 BL, New York city M8c BG, Elmira M7 BL, Cortland M32 GM, Oneonta M32 GM, Richmond L7 BL, White plains c69 OL, White Plains L9 GR, Little falls M7 BL, Osergo M8G GT, Boston L7, and Boston L32. These sunglasses provide 100% UV protection. These are available in different colors. Its size is in-between 54-20-148. Use NYBK USA coupon code to get a discount.


NYBK USA is an incredible online platform which manufactures premium quality eyewear products and accessories at affordable prices. Each product is handmade without using the machines. You can also find some of the special editions eyewear edition like Highland park C9, Dunkirk M7, G.Jamestown M32, and Seattle M7BL.


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