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Wicked reports are one of the most extensive leading marketing attribution software for developing your small business. They serve small business marketing on Facebook, Google, and email. This company believes that better data leads to better decisions, and better choices lead to better results. They are already tracked $1.3 billion in online PPC marketing. It founded in 2015. Just stop wasting your time and money. You have to know how to your business. Use wicked reports coupon code to get a discount. Wicked reports helped our clients to generate over $billion attributable revenue. Wicked reports are game-changer for many clients.


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Why Wicked Reports?

We know that any customer won’t just click on an ad and buy. They can leave you, Come back, do research by comparing with the similar products for days, weeks even months, and finally make a purchase. Use the wicked report coupon code to get a discount. By using wicked reports, You can be able to track every single click of your customer journeys and attributes to actual orders by advertising data. The attribution models show the true ROI of all digital ads.

Facebook & Google advertising reports can only track specific ad clicks and one-time orders.After a certain period of spam, You can’t see the real results of marketing. Wicked reports can track every click every order, email, and Sale. They use actual order data from your payment solution. You can know the order number that is associated with every conversation right from ads, Emails, and marketing. All the revenue is attributed back to the created customer. Tax is assigned for the entire lifetime of the customer. When your customers make repeat purchases & subscription payments, Wicked reports automatically brings additional income to the customer.

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Features of Wicked Reports:

Track every click & Every Sale to get true ROI.

Automatic link tagging.

Tracking code verification.

Facebook ad manager chrome extension.

Track email link clicks to the website you don’t own.

Attribute leads that buy with a different email.

Facebook ad manager chrome extension.

Facebook offline conversion sync.

Import non PPC marketing costs.

Track CRM custom offline events to ad spend.

Facebook Ads Attribution:

The Facebook conversion only tracks considered facebook clicks, which only looks at the last click. This facebook last click ignores your efforts because when you attempt to scale your ad spend based on the previous clicks. Your business growth does not match your ad spend. If you want to optimize small business marketing, You must have a complete view of marketing performance. New leads take time to buy. You can see which ads have a distinct audience, and whom to display it.

Google Ads Attribution:

By using google ads attribution, You can see how ads are performing. Google is a fantastic platform for small business growth tool. The issues with google ads are overly optimistic attribution. Wicked gives the complete picture of marketing. They use real sales data for sloppy conversion pixel counts. You can even optimize google campaigns based on lifetime value and ROI.


Facebook and google integration automatically push link IDs on your ads that increase the data quality, and Tracking coverage. These integrations can also pull the actual cost of PPC marketing. They use real campaign, Keyword, ads in the reports.


Wicked reports come with two on boarding plans. For a basic on boarding plan, You have to pay $1,750. Basic on boarding plan is suitable for technical user who manages their marketing. For premium on boarding, You have to pay $2,500. This premium on boarding plan is for marketers who provide technical support by ensuring their success.


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