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Adplexity Carriers is one of the tools where you get all the business information in one platform. We as an online marketer see the amount of effort it requires to boost your traffic and business. It is not easy for an online marketer to analyze all the marketing campaign. Now if you look at the competition in the online business, it is just exceptional.

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We have to bring excellent content or the best product in the market to survive. But, few of them don’t have sufficient information to sustain their business. We need to read customer mind, analyze the marketing trend, run the best campaign and lot more to run a successful online business. This is only possible if you spend enough time on it.


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What if there is a tool for you which make all the relevant information available in one place. Yes, you heard it right. There are Adplexity Carriers who focuses on giving you the best information regarding the product.

This tool aims to boost your business by making all the information available. You can also follow AdPlexity Review to know the benefits of this spy tool. You must be thinking who can use this tool? Well, it can be used by mobile Advertisers, Affiliates, Affiliate Networks, and Ad verification. Adplexity Carriers is also beneficial for Ad agencies and service & application developer.

Why Adplexity Carriers?

To survive in the online business, we all look for a tool to help us with the relevant information. With Adplexity Carriers not only you to know how your ad space is managing but also checks affiliates which are not running fraudulent campaigns. With the growing technology, you get the best medium to browse your mobile campaign easily.

How Is Adplexity Carriers the best amongst all?

Well, there is proxies’ provider in the market which does not allow you to access for pages easily. With Adplexity Carriers you get real SIM cards with the most advanced mobile proxies instead of Internet providers.

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You get more than 80 carrier proxies in more than 30 countries. In case you don’t get the 4G network, Adplexity Carriers proxies will ensure that you can use fallback 3G and Edge connections. If you compare to other markets, with Adplexity Carriers, you will have the stability, growth and technical solution to grow your business.

Let us see how Adplexity Carriers help online marketer

  • You get to know about conversion flows of offers you are promoting.
  • See the real money page and also know about your competitor’s landing page
  • Know how the offers landing page looks like
  • You can test live banners on your landing pages and can also check for placements
  • Increase your profit and uncover carriers which provides smart links

Adplexity Carriers Pricing & Plans

Adplexity Carriers comes with two different pricing options.  The tool guarantees to offer the best and reliable transport than any other proxies. If you are looking for monthly plans, you need to pay $149 for 500 MB of data transfer. The annual billing will charge you around $1490 for 500 MB of data transfer each month.

How to Use Adplexity Carries?

  • Firstly, you need to sign in to Adplexity Carriers platforms
  • Then, choose your country and mobile carrier
  • Thirdly you need to set the proxy on your mobile device or computer.
  • And lastly, you can start the testing immediately.

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