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If you are looking to turn more users to potential customers, Shoptimized is the best for you. It is now time for an online marketer to look for a tool that helps them to get the best lead to make them sustain in the market. For any offer use Shoptimized Coupon Code.


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Yes, the online market is growing. With the power of the internet, entrepreneurs have found themselves more successful in the online marketplace. When we talk about the competition available online, it is just huge. Identifying consumer behavior and getting clicks on your marketing campaign is not an easy task.

It is essential for you to analyze the marketing trend and also know the conversion you are making. To this, we have Shoptimized for you who believe in providing the best custom Shopify themes and highest converting.

Shoptimized is one of the best tools where you get a lot of customization options. There are six different products which come with Shoptimized. Let’s have a look at each of the product and their features.

Shoptimized Themes

Shoptimized Themes are the templates which are used by merchants on their e-commerce platform. The tool is the only Shopify theme that’s built for the mobile first and desktop next. You get lightning-fast load time which helps to improve your search engine results. Shoptimized Themes turns many conversion optimizations present on an e-commerce website like Amazon & eBay.

Let us see what features Shoptimized Themes offers

  • The tool offers you a friendly and responsive template.
  • You get lightning-fast load times to help improve your search engine results
  • Sell the top products without looking for costly apps.
  • The theme will include more than 30 conversion boosting features
  • You can also customize the top menu options.

Pricing & Plans

Shoptimized theme will cost you $167 for a single site license. The theme works best for both mobile and desktop. For three site license you need to pay $394, and this works best on entrepreneurs, and they can also save $65.65 on the purchase.

The license gives you unlimited updates for one year. There will include extra charges of $99 for one-time installation and customization package.  They will surely offer you a discount if you get the three site license.


SpeedBoost Ninja

No matter how good you run your website, until and unless it does not have fast page-load speeds, all goes in vain. A customer would prefer a site where they can get the best information within no time. With the type of competition in the market, low page-load speed is not acceptable.

We have a tool for you where you don’t have to worry about the page-load for your website. SpeedBoost Ninja is the best-shoptimized tool which makes it easy for the online business to improve page-load speeds.

SpeedBoost Ninja features

  • The tool ensures to boost your conversion rate with page-load timer
  • It lowers cost-per-click on your paid ads.
  • Increase your page-load speed by four times
  • Boost your search engine rank
  • You need to pay $27 per month to get access to all the features.

eCom Conversion

If you’re looking out a way to improve your online business, eCom Conversion is the best for you. Not only it helps you in driving customers to potential buyers, but also it will make sure to attract more customers to the website.

There are a few critical measures which you need to look for. You need to have a stable business already which drives in more than ten thousand visitors to the website. Make sure you have a decent product and services to offer before purchasing eCom Conversion.

eCom Conversion Features

  • The tool helps in finding the mistake that is not converting customers to potential buyers
  • You will know what to split-test to get double & Treble-Digit improvements
  • The tool helps you in changing the strategy to get the best results.
  • You can look for 30 days money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the services.

7-Figure Store Blueprint

7-Figure Store Blueprint is the best tool for those who are new in the market of the online industry. The course will help you to know how to set up your store. The tool maximizes your opportunities against fierce competition. There are different steps which helps you to build a robust and profitable business.

7-Figure Store Blueprint features

  • The course helps to boost your sales from the start
  • You can make multiple sales from the same customer with an Optimized strategy.
  • You get the store with a carefully designed layout and on page element.
  • It eliminates hours of expensive developer customization.
  • Get 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the service

Email Marketing Masterclass

Email Marketing Masterclass is a complete guide which enhances your skill in terms of generating revenue for your Shopify store. The course is designed in such a way that it makes sure you get the best class in terms of e-commerce email marketing.

Let’s look at the feature Email Marketing Masterclass provides

  • Increases your email responses
  • You get guidance on what not to do while sending emails to potential buyers.
  • Maximizes buyout price for your store
  • Look for 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product
  • You need to pay $37 to get the best service for your online business.

One Hour Conversion Boost

As an online marketer, we always look out for a way to get massive success in business. But at times, we lose to get enough ideas that are required in the industry. You can look for one-hour conversion boost where Bradley who specializes in the field of conversion is going to take the best care of you.

He will help you in knowing where you can get the best conversion.  There are three different timing options you can choose which is premium 120 (2 hours), professional 60 (1hour) and Express 30 (30 minutes)

One Hour Conversion Boost features

  • You get a live interaction review of your sales funnel
  • Record the entire consultation
  • Analytics X-ray will help you in knowing where you are losing cash.
  • With the premium 120, you get a custom-tailored plan which helps to increase your conversions and bring quick money to the business.

UpliftHero App

With the UpliftHero App, you can get the highest order without worrying about the conversions too much.  This app is designed in such a way that it helps in offering free shipping to the user for purchasing any product.

The app also adds rewards and incentives to your visitors for adding more items to the cart. Let us look at the features UpliftHero App provides

  • The app works seamlessly on desktop & mobile
  • You get to customize the look of the website any way you like
  • Get 14-day free trial. If you don’t like the product, look for a money back guarantee.


Shoptimized works best for all kind of online business. If you are looking to get trained on different factors to get the highest conversion, you can always look for Shoptimized. All the tools provided comes with different features. You get easy access to all the tools and the payment is also easy and secured.


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